DAR Homecoming 2018

By Logan Word

It’s been a hectic week at DAR High School with the homecoming game, powder puff game, parade and five dress up days. This year’s homecoming week has been a fun and interesting one at DAR. Monday was Meme day, with students dressing as Scooby-Doo, blondes, Grumpy Cats, and yodeling Walmart boys.

On Tuesday. students and teachers reversed roles by dressing up as each other. Some students went all out with their outfits. Brayden Lewis dressed up as his favorite teacher, Ms. Weems, with ruffled pants, wig, and the sassy attitude. Another school favorite was Coach Perkins, with many students dressed like him in polo shirts, khakis, and his ever-present coffee cup. Bald wigs and little potbellies were part of the costumes students wore to impersonate their favorite coaches.

Out of this world Wednesday had students dressing up as aliens, the Men in Black, and other extraterrestrials. Kristin Chandler came dressed as a rocket ship and Braden Nickel walked around in the arms of a large green spaceman. There were also lots of Space Girls and astronauts.

The last dress up day, but not the least, was Throwback Thursday, where students had to dress as their favorite childhood characters. Costumes ranged from Scooby-Doo, Velma and the gang, to Mr. Rogers. Jamie Butler dressed as Clifford the Big Red Dog. Jessica Moore and Elizabeth Mitchell were Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore, and a group of freshmen boys came as The Wiggles. The Loony Tunes crew, also known as the faculty, were well represented with a Porky Pig, Speedy Gonzales, the Road Runner, and Bugs Bunny.

Homecoming week is a student favorite around the country and especially at DAR, where everyone gets in on the fun.

Senior Spotlight:

Michael Pendergrass

By Michael Burton

Senior Spotlight Michael Pendergrass loves his JROTC class at the tech school. The class is his favorite because it helps him to prepare for his future career. He would love to join the military and stay on a base. Sergeant Lee is Michael’s favorite teacher because he is a chill teacher and teaches JROTC. His least favorite class is Algebra II, because he thinks the class is not fun.

Michael would love to have dinner with Jack Black. Michael thinks Jack Black is the funniest person ever. He would love to go to Jamaica, because it is beautiful there. Michael also loves to work around his community doing landscaping. On the weekend he loves to work out and make music.

If Michael could change one thing about school, he would love to change the way teachers teach their lessons. He thinks that the teachers teach their students like the students already know what they are teaching.

Senior Spotlight:

Kristin Chandler

By Dixie Devor

Kristin Chandler is a senior who lives with her parents, Roy and Laurie Chandler. She is someone who enjoys hanging out with friends and watching movies.

Kristin is one of the individuals who always dresses up for the dress up days and puts in so much hard work to stand out the most. She’s a very nice and caring person who will always make you feel like you belong.

She says her great grandmother is her role model, because she was a “cool cat.” Kristin spends her spare time working and doing homework. She is also a part of the DAR High School marching band, where she plays the drums. Her last competition was Saturday.

Kristin says she is sad, but also happy to be moving further in life. Her word of advice for underclassmen is “Have fun and don't get too caught up in your work and school.”

Senior Spotlight:

Taylor Barfield

By Dixie Devor

Taylor Barfield is a senior who lives with her parents, Amy and Walter Barfield, and her sister, Morgan Barfield, who is a freshman this year.

She enjoys photography, relaxing, and cooking, and she wants to travel the world. The places she wants to visit the most are the Turks and Caicos islands because they are beautiful, and she wants to photograph the scenery.

When asked what worried her the most about high school, she replied, “My entire high school career has been nothing but anxiety!” Her friends described her as loud, outgoing, and blunt.

Her advice to the underclassman is, “That upperclassman that says he loves you, doesn't,” and “If you are going to be late, make it count.¨

Senior Spotlight:

Kaylee Meyers

By Dixie Devor

Kaylee Meyers is a senior who lives with her parents, Stacey Cooper and John Meyers, and her brother, Liam Shed. She pictures herself enjoying her job as a nurse practitioner in ten years.

She really wants to visit Amsterdam, because her family hosted a foreign exchange student from there. In her spare time Kaylee enjoys hanging out with her friends and jeeping ( driving her jeep).

Her favorite class is history, because it is easy and the only class she has at school. Her least favorite subject is math, because she says she can´t understand it as well as other individuals can.


1. Dedication Days are Thursday, October 11, and Friday, October 12. All students are expected to be at school those days to show the DAR how much we appreciate everything that they do for our school and community.

2. Haunted Hollow Cave tours will be October 13, 20, and 27 from 6-11 p.m. at Cathedral Caverns State Park. The cost is $10 per person and a percentage of the profits will go to the marching band.

3. Seniors: UAB will be here on October 17 at 9 a.m. in the library. Mark your calendars if you would like to meet with the representative. Sign-ups will be in Mr. Barnes office.

4. Lost and Found: If you have lost any items you can stop by and check the lost and found in the high school office.

5. Juniors – You may sign up for the ASVAB in Mr. Barnes office. The test will be given on October 25t

6. Seniors – Work Keys will be given on November 6. This is a required test. Make sure you are here that day.

7. Sophomores – Pre-ACT will be given on October 16. Make sure you are not tardy or you will not get to test.

8. Beta Club will be sponsoring a blood drive on October 30. Students age 16 or older can give blood. There will be sign up sheet will be posted in the front office. Community members are also welcome to donate blood and do not need to make an appointment. The blood mobile will be parked in front of the Burkey Center gym from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.


The following students will be celebrating their birthdays during the coming week:

Oct. 11 – Trinity McLemore

Oct.12 – Cameron Cooper

Oct. 13 – Hunter Santosuosso

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