Baby Belly Project

By Nehamiah Zacharias Redinger

The Child Development class is doing a simulation project to show teens what it would be like if they were pregnant. The baby belly project is a project for both male and female students.

Even though males may not be able to get pregnant, it’s a great experience for males to know what it’s like for a female carrying a baby. The Family Consumer Science department was able to purchase the baby belly through a grant that came from the Junior Membership of the National DAR. The baby bump has many realistic features such as the bag of water representing the baby in the womb, It also has balls on the lower ribs indicating the baby’s feet pressing against your ribcage.

All the students were excited to try it out. It’s a great experience for students to know how it really feels to be pregnant. The students have to wear the baby bump for a whole school day.

My experience with the baby belly project was unexplainable. I can honestly say I have a whole new respect for pregnant women. Wearing that baby belly was a whole different experience than I’ve ever had before. It was a great experience to feel what the woman carrying the baby feels - the weight, how it feels to bend over and pick up stuff.  Just sitting for a while and then standing up was exhausting. It honestly felt like the experience was real.

Being a male, I can’t carry an actual baby, but it was an interesting experience for helping my future spouse and understanding how she might feel during pregnancy.

Nikole Binkley said the wearing the baby belly wasn't too much fun and that it felt like little feet in her ribcage all day. She said she was wobbling while she walked because it was so heavy. It was also harder to go to the bathroom and wash her hands in the sink. She said it hurt her back. She said that it stayed warm all day. She said the belly looked and felt realistic.

Jessica Moore said she was so excited to put ithe belly on, and then by the time she put the kidney belt on, it was “INSTANT REGRET!”

The weight didn’t hit her until about third period. She said that she could not walk straight at all. She said it was terrible trying to use the restroom, she had to lift up the baby belly. She had wanted to be a teen mom all her life until she took Child Development; the class has made her decide she doesn’t want kids as a teenager and that she wants to adopt. She did not like the baby bump, but it gave her a new respect for pregnant woman.

Hannah Phillips was also very excited about getting to wear the baby belly, but after a few hours she said her back hurt, she had to go to the restroom 12 times, and she was exhausted.  

Hannah said she definitely plans to wait to have kids until she is maybe 27, has finished her education, and has a good job.  

Mini Halloween Fair

By Michael Burton

The Leo Club did a service project and put on a little mini Halloween fair for the preschoolers in the elementary auditorium. Members got in groups to plan and make their projects for the fair. The projects were Halloween themed, and the groups made their own games and brought candy for the little kids.

Before the mini fair started, the preschoolers and the elementary students had a parade in the elementary building. The preschoolers led the parade and when they passed a class, the class would follow in line with them. After the parade finished up, the preschoolers entered the auditorium to kick off the fair.

The kids were split up into several groups with four or five kids in each group. The groups then were sent to play different games. After a certain period of time the kids were rotated to other games. After a kid would complete a game, they were rewarded with candy.

Some of the games were “Pin the Eyes on the Pumpkin,” “Pumpkin Bowling,” face painting, Halloween cornhole and ring toss.  

The little kids wore really nice costumes and seemed like they had fun.  Leo members enjoyed working with the kids and hope to be able to do the fair again next year since it was such a good experience.

Pajama Day Pep Rally

By Adrieanna Sprayberry        

November 2 was the day of the last football pep rally. Pep rallies at DAR take place for special events and for home varsity football games.

To show spirit for the pep rally, our dress up category was Pajama Day. Students and teachers wore their favorite pajamas and sleepwear.  Everyone enjoyed the pep rally. Cheerleaders danced their hearts out to the catchy music of our generation. The band members raised the energy level in the gym with their fresh funky beats.

The audience cheered as students played different games.

Freshman James Elrod said, “It was historical, definitely one to remember, because it was the seniors’ last pep rally, when they came out wearing glow sticks.”  

Nemo Zacahrias said, “The pep rally was pretty lit. It had a really cool glow in the dark dance for the seniors. I was taking pictures for the yearbook and I saw it from a better perspective since  I moved all over the gym. It may be our seniors'  last pep rally and those memories will stick with us for our lives. Our memories will be filled with the moments from the fun we had in high school.”

Michelle (Devin) Jones said, “The pep rally was amazing and I loved spending time  with my friends, Nemo and Kyra.”

Senior Spotlight:

Tyler Emmons

By Dixie Devor

Tyler Emmons is a senior who lives with his parents, Apryl and Stan Emmons, and his brother, Mason. His hobbies include hunting and fishing.

He is an important part of the KDS DAR High School football team and is also a member of the National Guard, where he is a military policeman. He goes to drill  one weekend a month, and after graduation he will go on active duty full-time.  

Tyler says that one of the many things he wants to do is visit Brazil and meet the beautiful people there. He also stated in his interview that his hero is his dad because “he raised a legend.” His dad is also his hero because his dad has spent 16 years in the Army defending our country.

The individual that he would like to have dinner with is Donald Trump, “because he’s my president.”  When asked what he would change about the school if he could, Tyler said he would change the way lunch works, because he believes that the seniors should be able to leave during that time and get lunch outside of school.

Nothing about high school worries him. He would describe his friends as wild, goofy and childish. The thing Tyler wants to do before he graduates or leaves the earth is skydive. Tyler’s advice for the underclassmen is, “Keep your circle small with people who have your back.”

Senior Spotlight:

Cody Robinson

By Dixie Devor

Cody Robinson is a senior and lives with his parents, Holly and Joseph Robinson. His hobbies include fishing and driving his truck.

He wants to travel to Hawaii to be on the beach. His role model is his grandpa, because he taught Cody a lot of valuable things. In 10 years, Cody sees himself being a physical therapist.

If he could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, he would have dinner with Sommer Ray, because she’s cute. When asked if anything worried him about high school, he replied with, “I ain’t got no worries.”

His bucket list consists of driving a Corvette and making lot of money. His advice to underclassmen is, “Love Jesus.”

Senior Spotlight:

Richard Halliwill

By Michael Burton

Senior Spotlight Richard Halliwill lives with his mom and his stepdad. He visits his father a lot. His father is his hero, because he takes care of Richard when he needs him and has always been there for him.

Richard's favorite subject is history, because he likes to learn about the past, and it intrigues him. He would love to travel to Greece, so he can learn about the military history and because it’s a beautiful country. He would also love to learn more about the Spartans.

Richard would love to have dinner with Leonidas Sparta, because of his military glory and because he led the Spartan Empire. Dr. Baker is his favorite teacher, because she is kind and will go out of her way to help people who really need it. His least favorite subject is math, because the class bores him.

Richard worries that he will not be accepted into a college. He wishes to become a teacher and also coach football. He plays football for the school and is in the Historical Society.

He likes to drive around on the weekend and go places. He wishes to travel when he gets older.

Richard’s advice to the underclassman is, “ Do your work and make good grades.”

Senior Spotlight:

Andrew Veach

By Michael Burton

Senior Spotlight Andrew Veach lives with his father. His favorite class is English because he is better at English than his other classes.

His favorite teacher is Dr. Baker, because he feels as if he connects with her. His least favorite class is math, because he hates dealing with numbers.

He loves to play football and play video games. Andrew is a part of the varsity football team and the FCA.

His hero is Adam Vinatieri, a placekicker for the Indianapolis Colts. Adam Vinatieri is his hero, because he is the oldest player in the NFL and holds the title for being the player with the most points scored by a single player in a career.  

Andrew would love to travel to Sydney, Australia, because it’s a dream vacation.  The thing he is most worried about in high school is the end. Andrew wishes that he could change the attitude that students give to their teachers. His advice to the underclassman is to respect your teachers.

Psychology Class Project

By Georgia Turner

Students in Mrs. Myra Sutton’s psychology class studied the brain and nervous system and how these affect a person’s behavior. This included the parts of the brain and the parts of the nervous system.

As a group project, students got to choose their groups and had to come up with a presentation that could teach elementary students about the brain and nervous system and keep little kids’ attention. They had the option of doing a live skit or sending Mrs. Sutton a video of their skit.

Three of the groups did a live skit/presentation. The other three groups chose to make a video and send it in. Then the students showed their videos and skits to the class.

From there, Mrs. Sutton chose four groups to show their presentations to some first graders.

The next day five students from Mrs. Stephens’s first grade class came over to Mrs. Sutton’s room in the high school. Three of the students were boys and two were girls.

The psychology students presented their “lessons” and the first graders were asked to give thumbs up or thumbs down if they liked it, and if they thought they learned from it. The students mostly liked all of the presentations. Then  they were asked to pick a favorite.

The two favorites were “Baby Brain” by Mackenzie Pitt, Alexis Smith, Morgan Gore and Bailee Sutphin and the presentation by Emily McBee, Preston Huckaba, Lucas Chaney and Christopher Hau-Mautus.

In the end, the presentation by Emily McBee, Preston Huckaba, Lucas Chaney and Christopher Hau-Mautus won.

This presentation group project was very beneficial to the students in Mrs. Sutton’s psychology class, because the students were able to learn with a few different visuals and catchy ways to remember what those parts of the brain do. In the future the psychology class and Mrs. Sutton would love to do another project where they can work with the kids!


The prom committee is selling Nothing But Bundt Cakes. The cakes will be delivered Friday, Nov. 16.

Beta Club - Induction Ceremony has been rescheduled to Thursday, Nov. 15, at 8 a.m. There will be refreshments after the ceremony, and a sign up sheet to bring refreshments is posted outside Mrs. Clark's door.

SGA is sponsoring a canned food drive. Bring your canned and dried goods to put in your class container for Patriot Points. All donations will be used locally.

The first basketball pep rally and dress-up day is Friday, Nov. 16. The theme is “Pilgrims and Indians.”

There will be no school next week. Thanksgiving break will be November 19-23. Students will return to school on Monday, Nov. 26.

Breakfast with Santa, sponsored by FCCLA and Beta Club, will be Saturday, Dec. 8. Tickets cost $10 for children and $5 for adults and will be on sale through December 6. Flyers with information about the event have been sent home with the elementary school students.


The following students will be celebrating their birthday during the coming


Nov. 15 – Brittany Kirby

Nov. 16 – Kennedy Allen, Jacob Snader

Nov. 17 – Zane Hunter, Gregory Scholl

Nov. 18 – Haylee Harshaw

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