Andrea LeCroy has worked for the probate office since 1991. 

She said never in a million years did she want to be in the position she is now in as the elected probate judge, but she feels God had a plan for her. This is where He wanted her to be.

LeCroy has been married for 27 years to her husband Michael. They married on Feb. 14, 1992.

The couple met at an auction in Texas where Michael worked and she was a receptionist. They moved to Marshall County with her husband because he was from here. 

The couple are very close. Although they do not have any children, she said that is okay. God had a plan for her and having children was not part of it.

The couple loves to grill out, smoke meat and garden. They live in a beautiful community and enjoy being outside. One thing the couple loves is riding motorcycles. She does not ride her own; she rides with him. They do that a lot because of the beauty of Marshall County. She enjoys riding the backroads. She laughs and says that they are pretty boring people. 

"He's my best friend," she said. "I just thank the Lord that we live here. I would not want to live anywhere else. I love our town and I love our county. I just cannot imagine myself anywhere else."

LeCroy said there are so many better qualified people who should be in her position, but she is grateful to have the opportunity to serve the citizens of Marshall County. 

She had no plans on becoming the probate judge. She loves the probate office, but she said the passion grew in her. She wants to do the best in her job and protect the citizens who need it. She believes that this is why she belongs in the office.

She said she is a nerd who loves to read, but she understands that everyday she does an important job. She knows that she is making a difference even if she does not see it. 

LeCroy applied for a job in the end of 1990 and started working for the probate office in 1991. She just needed a job and Judge Tim Mitchell was the one to interview her. He interviewed her in what is now her office. 

She started as a recording clerk. She held that position for about 18 months and then became the court clerk. The court clerk had left and she applied for that position. She was the court clerk for about 10 years. 

Once the chief clerk retired, she applied for that job. She had the opportunity to serve in that position for 11 years and then ran for the probate judge once Mitchell retired. 

LeCroy said she and Mitchell talked about her stepping into his role. He encouraged her to do it. He saw something in her and felt she would be right for the job. 

She prayed about the decision to run for office. She had never ran for office or been in any type of political  position. She and her husband decided that she should run for office. She would not have run if he would have asked her not to. She said their marriage is a partnership and they make all of their large decisions together. 

She loves her job when she can help or make it easier for citizens to conduct business in Marshall County. When they are able to work something out in court, that brings her joy and happiness. She knows that not all cases can be worked out, but she tries. To her, that is such a reward. 

In probate court, it is just family dynamics, family issues. There is so much that happens before they even get to court. If there is a way to give them an opportunity to talk it through or have a mediator of sorts, then that can help down the road and not just in that one instance. 

One aspect of her job that she loves is issuing driver's license. She loves to be out with the people in the tag line and visit. She is a people person so she loves hanging out with the customers. She likes to help at the end of the month to make sure that everyone has everything they need so that they are not standing in that line for a long time to realize they are forgetting something vital. Working in the tag lines gives her an opportunity to work with the public and not just in her office. 

She said she would not be where she is today without her team. They are what holds the place together. The employees are like a family. They depend on one another and everyone is just as important as the other person. It takes all of their different personalizes, gifts and talents to make the Marshall County Probate Office a special place to work. 

There are 19 women currently working for the Probate Office and one man. There are two satellite offices: one in Arab and the other in Albertville. They all have the same vision of customer service.

Their goal is to help the customer any way they can. If someone walks in without something that is needed to get a car tag, they will walk them through the list to make sure they have it all before they come back again. They try to think of ways to make it more convenient for the customer. 

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