Fishing is not really good because of the recent rains, but it is still okay, local bait shops report.

With all of the rain expected over the weekend and through next week, TVA has been moving water and this has been a factor with fishing throughout the lake.

Guntersville Dam

According to Tony Cooley of Cooley Grocery, fishing has been fairly good. The moving of water has been tough for fishing in his area. He noticed earlier in the week some fisherman in boats down below the dam, but he does not really recommend that. TVA had about 15 flood gates open at the beginning of the week. Fishing on the other side of the dam is a little easier.

Sauger fishing is still doing well, but the water flow has slowed that down. Cooley said there have been some issues with undersized fish. Once the water calms down and the rain has passed, he said the sauger fishing will pick back up.

He suggests targeting saugers at the old lock. He said to bump the bottom with live minnows or 1/4 to 1/2-ounce jigs with minnows. Once the flood gates are slowed, sauger fishing should peak.

There are not many catfish, but he has a story that he will be sharing soon. There are not too many bass either.

According to the TVA predicted data for Saturday, it should be less water flow. On Thursday, the average outflow of water was 123,033 cubic feet per second. The flow for water for Saturday is predicated to be 110,225 cubic feet.

Brown’s Creek

Chris Cranford of Guntersville Tackle said the best place to fish right now is around bridges and hard rock near the bridges. The crappie are biting really well around the bridges and brush piles. With TVA pulling current, crappie have actually been biting better.

Saugers are running extremely well. They are biting the best below the dam, he said. He recommends a 1/4 to a 3/8 jig tipped with a minnow.

The bass are sporadic but there are still several big ones being caught. The best bite areas for these are any bridges and the hard rock area by the bridges and near wood. The best bass baits are crankbaits, Alabama rigs and chatterbaits.

Large catfish can still be caught at the edge of the river in creek channels and the best way to catch them is on cut skipjacks.

Some big bluegill area still be caught on the bottom with worms. They can also be found around bridges and hard rock areas.


Casey O’Donnell from Waterfront admits that he has not been on the water a lot, but he has heard that crappie fishing is good. He said you have to find clear water near the causeways and bridges. They are not biting in the muddy water and the current is really hurting fishing.

He said their most popular baits for bass right now are the DT-6 Demon, white shad colored crankbait and red colored crankbaits.

Bass are good depending on where you are, but again he said the slow down with bass is the water current.

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