Bill Ingle passed away at his home December 27.His family was with him. He served in the Navy for 20 years and was a Vietnam veteran. He also became a nurse. Surviving are his wife Patsy Ingle, son Kyle Ingle & his wife Cindy, and granddaughter Meredith Ingle from Brentwood, Kentucky, Caleb Ingle from Austin, Texas, and brother Ralph Ingle of Tennessee and his wife Barbara

Bill had many tales to tell. One was beating the boats to the bridge at South Sauty early in the morning to go crappie fishing. He also wrote articles for this column called the “Under the Bridge” fishing club.

His brother was fishing with him once on our dock when I went down to talk to them. They were having a contest and fussing with each other.

Bill and his wife Patsy had a pond. They let us fish in it. we did enjoy it.

Nellie Dubose, Roberta Stout and Betty Hawkins met couples from the Church of Christ for lunch at Shoney’s in Albertville.

Winners of the Langston & South Sauty Community Ladies Bunco Club meeting at Myrna Beafore’s were Rosalie Sarno, Mary Ann Edgar, Mary Loft and Myrna Beafore.

Winners for tournament play at Mt. Lakes Resort were David Duncan, Joan Bearden, Roberta Stout, Belinda Scoggins, Roger & Kathy Smith and Lilly Duncan.


11 — David Stout

16 — Stacy Stout

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