Barney Fyffe of the Mayberry TV show was at the Mtn. Lakes Car Show. He had his police car with him and did a good dance on the street. Everyone enjoyed him and took a lot of pictures.

The first Tuesday night Ladies Bunco Club winners were Polly Edmonds, Patsy Ingle, Roberta Stout and Sharon K.

Jack and Roberta Stout went to the state of Iowa to visit with family and friends. They lost a great friend, Martha Carpenter, while they were there. She was 90 years old. Roberta has a brother and sister, two sisters-in-law and lots of nieces and nephews in Iowa.

They also went to a festival where Roberta went to high school called “God's Portion.” This was the 70th year for it. The church there sponsors it. It was a good trip. It is 700 miles. We try to make it to Iowa once a year. We have been in Alabama 45 years. Our four sons are from Iowa.

The winners at Mtn. Lakes Resort games were Shirley Upton (2), Arlita Smith, Linda Floyd (4), Betty Hawkins (2), Roberta Stout, Dottie Benson (2), Sharon Stewart, Peggy Bowen, Gloria H., Brenda Fordham and Angelia Denny.

November Birthdays

2 - Karen Young

5 - Vicki Mann

9 - Roberta Stout

9 - Walt Davenport

10 - Lindy Hard

11 - Marsha Godwin

13 - Teddy Rosette

13 - Rebecca Evans

16 - Ryan Lewi

17 - Grand Skinner

20 - Dwight Banners

22 - Annette Stout

23 - Cora Bevill

28 - Travis Pearson


2 - Larry & Deb McCarn

24 - Terry & Kathryn Lay

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