Winners for the First Tuesday Bunco Club were Polly Edmonds, Rosalie Sarno, Mary Lost and Phylllis Baker. Phyllis Baker also won the crown.

The Lilies of the Valley met for their January meeting at Somewhere On Main in Albertville. Those attending were Paulette Smith, Tillie White, Jean Cooper, Mary Robertson, Roberta Stout, Bobbie Roper, Myrna Beafore and Patsy Ingle.

A group of ladies met at the Rock House in Guntersville for Ann Hayob's birthday on Feb. 14. Those attending were Ann Hayob, Florence Pinkerton, Sandra Walker, Libby Barkley, Nellie Dubose, Dot Crider, Roberta Stout, Tilda Wooten, Kay Phelps, Connie Hunter, Margaret and Jan.

Mike Wright, Dot Crider and Jack and Roberta Stout went to Applebee's for lunch.

Winners at Mtn. Lakes Resort this past week were Deborah Allen, Carolyn Keeton, Joan Kenny, Linda Floyd, Jimmy Brooks, Roberta Stout, Janice Bailey, Lilly Duncan and Arlita Pennington.

March Birthdays

6 - David West

9 - John Bevil

12 - Dot Wilson

15 - Nathan Jhnson

17 - Steve Leslie

21 - Charles Stewart

23 - Amanda Tanner

23 - Doris Bevill

26 - Justin Young

29 - Jean Cooper

30 - Florence Pinkerton


9 - Terry and Kim Tanner

14 - Jerry and Marsha Godwin

20 - Kicker and Lindy Hard

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