The Langston Post Office has new hours. They are Monday through Friday 8:00-noon and Saturday 8:00-10:00 a.m. Outgoing mail is collected at 11:30 Monday through Friday and at 10:00 on Saturday in the inside lobby box and at 11:30 from the outside collection box.

The winners of the second Monday night Bunco club were Rosalie Sarno Myrna Beafore, Phyliss Baker & Patsy Ingle.

Haygood UMC Church had a singing for their Sunday worship. Their pastor has been sick.

Langston UMC Church had their annual Homecoming Sunday, April 24.

They had a big crowd and had a pot luck dinner after the service. Pastor Terry had the sermon. He is doing good after taking treatments.

The Lilies of the Valley Women’s Community Club will meet at South Sauty Baptist Church for a pot Luck lunch and fellowship.

Winners at Mt Lakes Resort tournaments were Shirley Upton, David Floyd, Linda Floyd, Shane Bowen, Jackie Weeks & Peggy Bowen.

Birthdays for May

4 - Courtney Culbert

8 - Tina Stewart

13 - Fay Bond

13 - Mary Robertson

17 - Robert Drake

18 - Keith Lay

21 - Brett Bowan

21 - Mack BrindleJohn & Sue Patt

23 - Rodney Evans

24 - Kelley Evans

29 - Silas Lay

31 - Julia Lay


6 - Bob & Sharon Bartlett

10 - Jimmy & Tina Sapp

28 - Dwight & Jeanie Hanners

31 - John & Sue Patterson

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