The Lilies of the Valley Women’s Community club will meet at Langston UMC Church Feb. 25 at 11:00. There will be a pot luck lunch.

The  other day, my husband Jack & I were in Scottsboro, at a red light. In the other lane there was a small truck in the median and the driver was trying to push the stalled vehicle. All of a sudden,  a semi-driver jumped out and started helping, then another driver joined them. They got the truck rolling and its driver went on his way. It makes us realize there still are good people in America.  

Buddy Keeton celebrated his 80th birthday Saturday at Mt Lakes Resort. It was a surprise party at the hobo stew gathering. There was a large crowd. Terry Woods, the Langston UMC pastor, was there and enjoyed visiting with Buddy  & Donnie Kenny. They had worked at the old Auto Sprinkler in Guntersville.

Tournament winners at Mt. Lakes Resort are Erlane McCormick, Jackie Weeks, Joan Kenny, Eddie Brooks, Marvin Hancock, Linda Floyd, Arlita Pennington, Shane Bowan, Jackie Weeks, David Floyd.

Dennis Latty, Shane and Peggy Bowan were crowned Valentine King & Queen.Jackie Weeks won the Valentine Joker tournament

February Birthdays

1- Eddie St Louis

6 - David West

12 - Dot Wilson

15 - Nathan Johnson

17 - Steve Leslie

21- Charles Stewart

23 - Amanda Tanner

23 - Doris Bevill

26 - Justin Young

29 -Jean cooper


9 - Terry & Kim Tanner

14 - Jerry & Marsha Godwin

20- Kicker & Lindy Hard

30- Charles & Florence Pinkerton

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