Douglas Learning Center visited the Marshall County Sheriff's Office for their annual field trip. 

The Chief of Operations/Major Jason Windsor said the Douglas Learning Center came to their location as part of the community outreach program. He was happy to be a part of their trip and show them how the department works. 

Windsor took the students through the sheriff's office, but they did not go anywhere near the jail. The group were heard over the radio speaking to Sergeant Robert Fann. The department did this call while there was not any radio traffic and during a time when there were not emergencies.

Fann said he loved hearing the kids come across the radio. People need to realize that these kids have more potential than most people think. Fann has a special needs child and knows what a gift these students are. He admitted he was more nervous that he would mess up when he responded, but it all worked out well. 

The students went to Sheriff Phil Sims office where they were sworn in as honorary deputies and then went to sit in a patrol car. 

After that, they went to see the helicopter.  It is not housed at the same location so they took a bus ride to the location. The kids were able to get inside the helicopter and some even wore the headset. 

While looking at the helicopter, they had a visit by Dixie the bloodhound. Windsor said Dixie was a hit. She is a young dog and was probably just as excited to see the kids and the kids were to see her. 

Windsor said he was glad to be a part of Douglas Learning Center's visit. He was glad to expose the officers to the kids. He said one the reason they are in law enforcement is to protect children. It is easy to get lost in their jobs and lose that reason for being here and those kids helped to shine some light in their world. 

This is not the first time that the sheriff's office had groups visit their facility. Windsor said they had a daycare come in not too long ago. 

The sheriff's office always welcomes schools and other organizations that would like a tour to visit. They want to be more transparent and allow people to get familiarized with the staff. It is important for everyone to know the officers are approachable and there for anyone when they need help. 

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