Some folks say you can’t produce a crop of pecans every year on the same trees. Guntersville agriculture expert John McClendon begs to differ.

He’s had a crop every year for the last 6 or 7 years on the spot of ground he farms at Pleasant Grove.

Spraying at the proper time is a big part of his success.

After the pecans have produced in the fall, it’s important to clean up underneath them. You want to get rid of any leaves or limbs that could harbor pests, McClendon said.

Each year in July, he sprays Sevin on the ground under the trees to the drip line and up the trunk as far as he can reach. It won’t totally eliminate the pecan weevils, but it helps tremendously.

“You want to spray around July 1,” McClendon said. “Then you spray again 14 days later. People have missed the date for the first spraying this year, but they can still get in the second one.”

Another good rule of thumb for pecan production is to use a fertilizer with zinc before the growing season. Pecans need zinc.

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