These headlines and stories ran 50 years ago in the Gleam:

METER OF HIS OWN. Joe B. Cheshire, the city’s parking meter man who was injured in a wreck, got a bouquet of flowers built around a Styrofoam parking meter. It included a penny halfway in the slot, a red flag and a ticket. It came from the girls at Bobby’s Beauty Salon.

NEW E/R. Guntersville Hospital was planning a new 5-bed emergency room directly behind the existing emergency room. Use of the emergency room was trending up. Dr. Neil Christopher, chief of the medical staff, said they’d gone from about 300 emergency room visits a month to 500.

GOOD YEAR FOR FARMERS. It was an unusually good year for farmers. All 4 of the county’s major row crops were reporting good yields. Corn was expected to set a new record, with about 20,000 acres of the crop in the county. The pepper crop was averaging 2 to 3 tons per acre. And it was expected to be a good year for cotton and soybeans as well. 

VICTORY. Guntersville scored in every quarter to defeat Walter Wellborn 34-6 in football. Most Wildcat fans stayed home from the away game because of racial troubles the school had just the week before.

NEW CAFÉ. Henry Howell, proprietor of Henry’s Grocery near Lakeview School, had started construction on a café near there that his wife Marene was expecting to run.

CUTTING STAFF. The county school system was cutting staff fresh off a deficit of $110,000 for the fiscal year that ended September 30. Five employees had been laid off.

RELICS. Thousands of Indian artifacts were on display in Town Hall and it was estimated that a thousand people came to see them in an event put on by the local members of the Alabama Archaeology Society. The exhibit includes tools, kitchen utensils and weapons.

GYM’S ACOUSTICS. The auditorium at the new GHS had not yet been built and the gym was having to serve for musical assemblies and programs, sparking debate among local music experts on the acoustics of the facility.

NEW UNIFORMS. The Guntersville High band was about to perform in its new uniforms for the first time. Betty Bates modeled the uniform for the paper.

CLAYSVILLE WINS. A full schedule of projects and improvements allowed Claysville to win the competition put on by the Rural Community Improvement Council. Ray Ratchford was chairman of the Claysville Community Club.

DROVE DOWN SIDEWALK. Its brakes gone, a car sped along a Southtown sidewalk past 9 places of business with 3 frightened sisters inside. Remarkably, no one was hurt and there was only a small amount of property damage. 17-year-old Patsy Bolding, the driver, said the car just seemed to guide itself.

KING & QUEEN. Jeff Hardin and Penny Gothard were named king and queen of the annual Halloween carnival at Hebron School.

$3,000 FOR BOOKS. The City School Board voted to give the new Gunterville High School $3,000 for books. Up until then, it had been up to each school to come up with its own money for library books.

PET RACCOONS. “There are several tame coons around here and the owners are finding they make good pets. In some ways, they are more interesting than dogs or cats,” the Gleam said. Wayne Foster owned one pet coon. Others with the unusual pets included Robert Anderton, Jerome Nailer and George Bragg.

NEW LOOK FOR DAR. The “cut” for the new Grant to Woodville Road had given the front of the DAR campus an entirely new look. Paving of the new road was expected to be complete within the next 3 weeks.

ROBBED AT GUNPOINT. A young man trained his submachine gun on two fishermen while his girlfriend robbed them of more than $100. They were fishing near the Guntersville-Scottsboro Highway when it happened.

CITIZENS HELPED. A dozen or more bystanders helped the police corral 4 boys who ran from their car after a chase through Guntersville. It turned out to be runaways from Asheville, North Carolina, driving a car that had been stolen in Trenton, Georgia.

PATS BEAT WOODVILLE. DAR opened its basketball season with 2 easy wins over old rival Woodville. The varsity boys won 95-66. John David Morrow scored 22 and sophomore Gerald Morrison scored 20.

CAPTAIN. Jimmy Dunlap was elected permanent captain of the Wildcat football team by his teammates.

OLD SCHOOL. The old Midway School was entering its second life as a community center with a supper and games planned for each second Saturday of the month.

SHOOTOUT. “A duel in a mobile home left two men dead with 3 bullet wounds apiece north of Arab,” the Gleam reported. One drew a .45 Colt and the other a .25 automatic and they fired at each other from about 4 feet apart.

HIRING 200. The Monsanto plant near the State Park was planning to hire about 200 employees by the time it opened January 15. 400 to 425 were expected to be employed by the time the plant reached peak production the following August.

STILL PICKING. Most of the county’s cotton was picked by machine, but some hand picking still took place. A photo showed pickers in a field at Union Grove. The pickers were picking for Grady Cowen and included Vivian Tedder, Loree Hallmark, Nellie Ruth McDaniel and others.

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