Jonita and her Reading Material

Jonita Haynes missed 6 months of the Advertiser-Gleam while spending the winter in Florida. But she will soon catch up. 

Jonita Haynes is back in Guntersville after spending the winter in Florida and she stopped by The Advertiser-Gleam to renew her paper.

She and her husband Jim spend 6 months of the year in Panama City Beach and 6 months at Buck Island. Mrs. Haynes had an unusual request when she renewed her paper: “I want to receive the paper in the mail for the next 6 months and I want all the papers back to October of last year.”

Mrs. Haynes likes to read a paper with her coffee every morning. So the treasure trove of back issues means she can do that. She also subscribes to the Huntsville Times. When she is in Panama City Beach, she reads the News Herald, a 7-day a week paper.

The Gleam is decidedly different from the Huntsville Times or the News Herald. But Mrs. Haynes likes the quirky, offbeat, local stories.

She and her husband have been wintering in Florida since 2008 and she always likes to come home and get some back issues of the paper. She will read them in the order they were printed, starting in October and running to the present.

The Hayneses take their cat with them in their travels. Her name is Suze, named after personal finance expert and TV personality Suze Orman.

“My husband likes to follow economics,” Mrs. Haynes explained.

Mrs. Haynes is 79, but she is in excellent shape physically and leads a ladies yoga class several days a week while in Guntersville.

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