A total of eight projects will be completed thanks to $600,000 worth of grant money coming to Marshall County.

Marshall County Emergency Management Director Anita McBurnett released the projects along with the price tags for each earlier in the week. The $600,000 comes from a Community Development Block Grant for Corona Virus relief.

A little more than $41 million in federal aid was given to the state and each county was notified of what it would receive at the end of February.

“We didn’t have much time to put this together,” McBurnett said at a Marshall County Commission meeting on March 24. “But I’m very proud of everyone who helped to work and make sure we address some needs around the county with this money. It was a team effort and I feel we identified some areas of need.”

McBurnett said the total of the eight projects came with a price tag of $612,256, which is a little over the allotted funds. However, she said a few small cuts were made to several of the projects so that Marshall County would be meet the $600,000 maximum.

Below are the projects to be completed and the price tag to go with them:

Marshall County Christian Services – Provide for elderly clients, $40,000.

Marshall County Homeless Ministries – Finishing ministry center in order to provide year-round services to the county’s homeless population and COVID testing assistance, $70,246.

Mountain Lakes Behavioral Healthcare – Mental health and substance abuse assistance, transportation capabilities due to lack of a county-wide transportation system, $88,000

Marshall Medical Centers – Expand the transportation capabilities for the Marshall Mobility program to get residents to and from medical appointments and other services needed for the wellbeing, $100,200.

Marshall Medical Centers – medication assistance for patients being discharged from the hospital who can’t afford medications, $10,000.

Marshall County Emergency Management Agency – Message board to support notifications for testing and vaccination services, $41,700.

Care Plus – Vaccination program to support delivering vaccinations to participating industries and businesses in the amount of 7,000 shots at $25 apiece, $175,000.

Marshall County CASA – Services that address the needs of the elderly who are home bound and isolated, $19,280.

Domestic Violence Crisis Services – Provide services to their clients who are victims of domestic violence, which includes increasing their transportation capabilities as well as cleaning and disinfecting shelter locations.

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