It was a 4-car pile-up, but it was far from your typical 4-car pile-up. 

It happened Monday morning in the Pure gas station parking lot at Claysville. 

Jason Black was in his work pickup and he'd stopped at the Village Inn to pick up his helper, something he's done lots of times in the past. He was in the median, trying to merge into Highway 431 traffic to go to the Pure station when someone in another pickup sideswiped him. 

That impact caused the other pickup to careen into the parking lot of the Pure station, where it hitted a parked GMC Yukon, spinning it around the opposite director from where it had been facing. 

That impact caused the Yukon to strike another parked car in the parking lot. 

There was no word on just who was driving the pickup that was involved in the brunt of the accident. Guntersville Police were still investigating it Monday and that driver had been taken to the hospital as a precaution. 

Officers said they thought he was going to be all right, but he needed to be checked out. They said the wreck could have been much, much worse.

Brad Corbin of Corbin's Heating & Air next door to the Pure Station said he's seen too many wrecks to count in that section of Highway 431. 

"This place is dangerous," he said. "We just need more people to show a little caution coming through here."

Black and his helper determined his truck was still drivable and they had work to do. But the bumper was mashed down against the wheels on side, torn off and flopping on the other. They got out their tools and took the bumper off so they could go on about their business. 

"We come over here for ice and water every morning," Black said. 

But Monday was certainly a morning they won't soon forget. 

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