What a wild ride the weather was over the New Year’s weekend!

It was unseasonably warm – it hit 79 degrees on Saturday – followed by snow Sunday night into Monday. In between, there was a tornado watch, the second one in a week. There was a major road washout too last week (see other story).

“It has run the gamut, that’s for sure,” said Marshall County EMA director Anita McBurnett of the weather.

Marshall County was lucky to have missed any tornadoes. There were tornadoes in Winfield and Rainsville on that first go-round last week.

“You never know what is going to happen when these systems develop,” McBurnett said. “People say, ‘Well, the weathermen missed.’ Personally, I’m very thankful we didn’t see anything.”

The snow seemed to be more a mountaintop event than anything in Marshall County. Guntersville and the valley appeared to have little. There was as much as 3 inches in Boaz, Arab and Grant.

“The amount seemed to depend on how a place was sheltered, how it blew, that sort of thing,” McBurnett said. “There was some snow across the county.”

Roads for the most part were clear, but there were some scattered problems, McBurnett said. Some places that were slick got slicker as traffic melted some of the snow and it froze back.

“There were some fender benders,” McBurnett said. “It was maybe people going a little too fast and not paying attention.”

On Highway 231, she said, there was a lane closure in both the southbound and northbound lanes near Apple Grove Road.

“Traffic was backing up,” she said.

On over into Morgan and Madison Counties, traffic was at a crawl on the Whitesburg Bridge, McBurnett reported. A lot of Marshall County people who commute to Huntsville take that route.

Early Monday morning, a tractor trailer had an accident on Highway 79-N.

“They didn’t get that cleared up until about 8:30,” McBurnett said.

The City of Guntersville, the Courthouse and other government offices delayed their report times for employees two hours and McBurnett said that seemed to help.

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