C.A. Langford Golf Team

Paul Bruce (center) has been doing a lot of winning on the golf course lately. He was part of the CA Langford team that took 1st in the Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic along with Nick Lee and JD Miles. Bruce was also part of the Alabama Juniors team that defeated Mississippi and Missouri. 

Team Alabama won 21 of 24 points on the three-ball match play session in Alexander City. This was their fourth consecutive Southern Junior Cup title at Willow Point Golf & Country Club.

Alabama finished the two-day, three session event with 36.5 points. Missouri edged out Mississippi for second place finish with 13.5 points. Mississippi finished with 13 points landing them in the third place spot. Arkansas did not compete in the event. 

Paul Bruce of Guntersville played for Alabama in the Southern Junior Cup and competed against Mississippi and Missouri. Bruce is a junior at Guntersville High School. He has been getting lots of interest from colleges.

Bruce scored one point in a 3 & 2 against Ross Reeder of Mississippi and another point against Clayton Kaiser of Missouri in the three-ball match. In the foursome matches, Bruce and Morgan Jones of Alabama scored one point over Thomas Henson and Mia Rallo of Missouri and one point over Spence Davis and Katelynn Atlese from Mississippi. 

The Southern Junior Cup is an invite-only, Ryder Cup format co-ed team competition. There were three states that competed in the event which were Alabama, Mississippi and Missouri.

The format consists of 18 holes of match play with Four-Ball, Foursomes, and Three-Ball Match Play sessions. If the result of any match is a tie after 18 holes, they are final. Each match is worth one point and half a point goes to each side for a tie. Each state competes against the other two states in an equal number of matches. Four-Ball and Foursomes sides consists of one male and one female. Three-Ball Matches are male vs. male and female vs. female. 

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