For the last several years, some of the Guntersville area’s best photographers have gotten together on the 4th of July to shoot pictures of the city’s fireworks show over the lake.

A few of their amazing photos are shown here.

“There are usually 6 or 8 of us,” said John Sharp, a member of the group. “We text ahead of time to see who’s going to go. We get there early to get our spot and we all hang out and socialize. It’s a good time.”

If there are any newbies in the crowd, the old hands discuss how to get the best photos.

“Judy Kennamer and I have been going for quite a few years,” Sharp said. “We talk about what has worked for us. We use the same method.”

Sherry Brown was a newcomer this year.

“She used this method and got some amazing shots,” Sharp said. “They were so good the guy running the fireworks show got in touch with her and wanted to use her shots in his promotional material,” Sharp said.

Their preferred area for photographing the show is near the Guntersville Farmers Market.

Sharp said they have to get there earlier and earlier every year to secure it as the crowd seems to be growing. The spouses of the photographers usually attend.

“It’s a great time for everyone to fellowship and catch up,” Sharp said.

The show lasts 20 minutes, so there are ample opportunities to get some good photos.

“If each person gets 5 or 6 good fireworks shots, everyone comes away happy,” Sharp said.

Sharp did a little something different this year, blending several different fireworks shots into a single photo for a unique effect.

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