Bill Ingram

Citizen Bill Ingram (center) treated Albertville's firefighters and police officers to breakfast just to let them know he appreciates them.

The City of Albertville’s police and fire departments were treated to breakfast by Bill Ingram on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, according to The Sand Mountain Reporter.

Ingram is a member of Albertville’s Planning commission, and he announced he would provide the APD and AFD with a free meal to show his appreciation for their hard work.

He wanted to do something for all of the city’s police and firefighters to take part in since he believes a plaque or award would only be seen by a few. The breakfast was provided over two days, because the departments’ shifts alternate, and he said each member of the departments would have a chance to get a hot meal.

Thanks to his friends at the Albertville Center on Broad — Dale Carroll, Carolyn Davis and the staff —Ingram said he was able to provide a nutritious meal to give back.

Also, Ingram invited Albertville Mayor Tracy Honea and the City Council to attend the breakfast, and they showed up to share in the fellowship and support of the APD and AFD.

Both the APD and AFD said they were thankful for Ingram’s generosity.

More on Murder

Michael Lee Hammock, 35, of Huntsville was arrested last week in the shooting death of Heather Golden of Arab.

He is charged with murder, first-degree arson and two counts of theft. He was arrested in Lincoln County, Tenn., by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, according to The Arab Tribune.

Hammock was extradited to Arab and subsequently transferred to Marshall County Jail.

Marshall County District Judge Mitch Floyd set his bail at $2 million.

Marshall County District Attorney Everett Johnson said the charges could change.

“The evidence we have right now – that we have in hand – supports the charges that have been filed,” Johnson said. “As we get more evidence, and forensics results, that could change.

“It’s possible that we could upgrade the charge to capital murder at a later time or a capital murder charge could come out of the grand jury.”

Johnson said he expects to present the case to the Marshall County grand jury in March.

Arab Fire and Rescue were called to a house fire on Fourth Street NE near Arab High School about 3 a.m. last Saturday.

While fighting the flames, firefighters discovered Golden lying on a bedroom floor covered with blankets. Firefighters also discovered she had been shot.

Golden was 39.

Firefighters say there were two points of origin for the fire – one in the left bedroom and one in a laundry basket in the utility room.

The reason for the fire, according to the AFR report, was “homicide concealment, destroy records/evidence.”

Ralston also confirmed that Golden’s vehicle, which was missing from her residence, was located Sunday in Tennessee and that Hammock had been taken into custody.

Golden’s funeral was at 2 p.m. Thursday. The family has asked for donations to Arab Heritage Memorial Chapel to help pay for her funeral expenses.

Drug Drop Off 

The Arab Beautification Board, in cooperation with Arab Police Department and CVS Pharmacy, has installed a drop box at APD and CVS Pharmacy for prescription drugs.

One box is located at the south entrance of Arab City Hall on North Main Street and the other is located near the pharmacy counter inside CVS Pharmacy, located at 12th Avenue and U.S. 231.

“Arab Beautification Board offers some ways to insure our city remains an attractive and healthy place to live,”  ABB member Joy Privett told The Arab Tribune. “We all have prescription or over the counter medicines and for a variety of reasons we may have expired or left-over medicine. What do we do with these drugs? Flushing medications or putting them in the trash puts them into our soil and water supply and damages our environment.”

Marshall County RSVP hosts an event where residents can turn in those drugs, but that only happens twice a year.

Now, with the drop boxes, the drugs can be dropped off anytime during regular business hours for Arab City Hall and CVS Pharmacy.

“Everyone is invited to dispose of pharmaceuticals quickly and easily, reducing the opportunity for abuse of these drugs and saving our environment from their harmful effects,” Privett said.

A few requirements that should be followed are:

• Leave prescription medications and over-the-counter medications in their original containers and liquid medication must be less than four ounces.

• Place the bottle in a zip lock bag and deposit it in one of the drop boxes.

• Items not accepted are: illegal drugs, needles, syringes or sharp containers, medical devices with batteries, aerosol cans and inhalers, chemicals and mercury-containing devices such as thermometers.

“The Arab Beautification Board is grateful to Arab Police Department and CVS for providing these drug deposal boxes,” Privett said. “We hope you, the public, will use this information and make our city and our world a safer place to live.”

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