Three Albertville students have tested positive for COVID-19 since summer workouts started just a couple weeks ago, according to WHNT-19 News out of Huntsville and the Sand Mountain Reporter.  

A statement from Albertville High Principal Deidra Tidwell and athletic director Tyler Reeves said workouts would continue with all sanitation efforts and protocols in an effort to keep students safe and healthy, the TV station reported. 

Three Albertville football players are sidelined from team workouts after they tested positive for coronavirus last week.

“Those guys have been quarantined,” Aggie head coach Cliff Mitchell told the Reporter. “They can’t come back until they bring a negative test to us. That’s the way it will be.

“Last week, we were inside on Thursday, and none of those guys were here that day who tested positive. We had been outside earlier in the week. None of those guys who tested positive had been in the fieldhouse since June 4.”

The Albertville coaching staff is cleaning and disinfecting the field house daily.

“Right now, safety is No. 1,” Mitchell said. “These workouts are voluntary. If you don’t feel comfortable sending your kids, we’re not going to kick you off the team for not coming, because the workouts are voluntary. If the kids don’t feel good, don’t come.

“Your No. 1 goal is raising your kid and you want them to be healthy and be safe, and I think the same way about my two. I want them to be healthy and be safe. But at some point, you’ve still got to live your life, and that’s the freedom we have in this country. You can raise your kids the way you want to raise them, and if they don’t feel comfortable sending them up here, I’m OK with that.

“We’ve got some protocols in place that if somebody does test positive and we’ve been inside, we’ll vacate the field house for five days. We’ll fog it, clean it and come back in on the sixth day after somebody has it.

“If somebody was in that group, we’ll let those parents know your kid was in close contact with this individual, and you might want to go get them tested.

“I think we’re doing our due diligence. I think we’re doing a good job of cleaning. We’ve got a good plan in place. We’re going to try and do our best to see our kids are safe and taken care of.”

When the Aggie players arrive for workouts, the coaches and training staff check temperatures and then ask a set of COVID-19 screening questions. The players have access to hand sanitizer and a hand-washing station.

“Anybody that knows me knows I’m a germophobe and want to stay clean,” Mitchell said. “I’ve had hand sanitizer forever. With this virus, we want to take of care of our young’uns. We’ve said it from day one — the care of our athletes is the No. 1 priority.”

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