The Ball of Fire

This "ball of fire" wasn't a firework. It left people in the Hebron community baffled when they saw it over the 4th of July weekend.

While many were saying their final goodbyes on the July 4th holiday, the family of Dian Allen in the Hebron community was busy staring at a bright "ball of fire" in the sky, trying to figure out just what they were looking at.  

"It was maybe around 9 p.m.," Allen recalls. "We had just finished with our fireworks and we could see it behind the house. At first, we thought it was a Chinese lantern but that's just not what it was."

Allen said the light resembled a "red ball of fire," had no sound, and moved out of sight in the mountains behind their home.

"My family was all there and everyone saw it," she continued. "We don't have any idea. I've never seen anything like that before."

Allen said her aunt and uncle, Ola and Darrell Bearden; her husband and son, Dylan and Justin Allen, and family friend Beverly Stapler were all in disbelief. 

Do they think it was some form of extraterrestrial life?

"Well, I think there is some explanation. I just don't know what it was," Allen said.

Oddly enough, Allen had just laughed at her uncle Jimmy Bearden for saying he also saw something unexplained the night before.

Bearden, who saw not one but two unexplained "balls of fire" the night before with his wife Linda, said it had looked like something burning in the sky.

"The first one I saw, I thought it was a drone lit up because it had stopped, went up and went out of sight," he said. "Then about 5 or 6 minutes later, there were two of them. Then they both went up and went out of sight. Then we went down to Dian's for the 4th and saw one again."

Bearden said it wasn't something he expected to ever see and certainly not two nights in a row.

At the time of publication, there had been no further sightings from either Bearden or Allen.

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