Snake Rescue

Meteorologist Bob Baron rescues a snake in his garden. The poor thing had become entangled in the mesh protecting the strawberries from birds. 

Bob and Phyllis Baron were a little late arriving to Saturday’s EAA Airport Breakfast. That was because Bob had to rescue a snake before he could leave.

The Barons have a garden at their home on Buck Island and it includes strawberry plants. They have mesh over the strawberries to keep the birds from damaging them.

A 6-foot water snake had become entangled in the mesh.

“I left him overnight,” Bob said. “I thought he could free himself.”

But the snake had become hopelessly entangled overnight. Bob couldn’t leave the poor thing to die, so he took scissors and a knife and mounted a rescue mission.

“I freed him enough that he could free himself the rest of the way,” Bob said.

He reports that the snake was extremely docile, as though he knew Bob was just there to help him.

It turns out Bob is a lover of just about all wildlife. A groundhog regularly visits his swimming pool in Huntsville and sips out of it.

“We’ve named him ‘Thirsty,’” Phyllis said.

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