About 25 young basketball players began getting their foundation in the sport this week when Douglas varsity coaches Suzan Howard and Skylar Baugh offered a camp for younger players. 

Both the boys and girls varsity teams helped lead the camp and went through the drills alongside the young players, instructing them on just how to do them properly. The young players ranged from 3rd to 7th grade. 

"It's important for us to build interest in our program and get a ball in these young players' hands as soon as possible," Baugh said. 

He said young folks often decide they want to come out for basketball in the 7th grade. If they haven't played before then and don't have a grasp of the fundamentals, it can be too late for them. 

"We had kids from other schools besides just Douglas at the camp," Howard said. "We just want them to be excited and to see that basketball is fun."

Howard is, of course, a former Guntersville standout who went on to play at Jacksonville State University. She was Suzan Shirley when she played at Guntersville.

Baugh is a former Eagle himself who played basketball and football at Douglas. 

"We didn't really advertise the camp much before school let out, so we thought we had a pretty good group," Howard said. 

The first day Wednesday started with stations, with each player spending 10 minutes at each of 5 stations. The stations were rebounding, shooting, dribbling, passing and layups. Each station had a coach and a couple of varsity players. 

Then they hat a hot spot competition, dribble tag, 3-on-3 and gotcha. 

The day concluded with ball handling, a series of dribbling exercises that emphasized various skills. 

"You can't over emphasize how important ball handling is," Howard said. "If you can't dribble, you can't do anything."

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