Belinda Brown's class at Brindlee Elementary wrote these answers to this question:

There are no turkeys at the North Pole. What in the world is Mrs. Claus cooking for Thanksgiving Dinner?

Mrs. Claus is going to have to buy a turkey at Wal-mart. She will then cook it in the oven. Mrs. Claus will also have to get other food for everyone to eat.

Melanie Barnowsky

Mrs. Claus will go to town and go hunting with a shotgun. She will kill a turkey. She will smoke the turkey for 4 hours. She will then eat the turkey with Mr. Claus and all of the elves. It is a great Thanksgiving.

Ace Cooper

She is going to Tennessee and she is going hunting with Santa to get some turkey for her turkey dinner. So, when they get to Tennessee they go undercover because they don’t want people to recognize them. If they don’t people will flip out. When they get there they automatically see a turkey. On there way back they took off their disguises. When they got home Santa cleaned the turkey off and got it ready to cook. When it was ready Mrs. Claus put the turkey in the oven and it took a few hours. While the turkey was cooking the elves made the other food, like mashed potatoes and greenbeans. Then it was finally finished.

Brock Gulledge

She can find a hen and cook that and she will have a great Thanksgiving.

Sophie Heflin

Mrs. Claus is going hunting. She will look in the woods for a turkey. If ther is no turkey in the woods, she will go to Wal-mart and buy a live turkey. She will carry the turkey home and let him run free. The turkey will find another turkey and Mrs. Claus will have it for Thanksgiving. She’ll keep her Wal-mart turkey forever.

John David Riley

First Mrs. Claus will have to get her passport. The she will have to get in her sleigh and drive to the airport. Then she will get out, walk in, and show them her passport. Then she will go through security. Once she gets through security she will call a taxi. The taxi will take her to the local grocery store. Then Mrs. Claus will get the turkey and check out, get back in the taxi, then the taxi will take her back to the airport. She will then give them the passport and go back through security and fly back to the North Pole. She will get in her sleigh and drive back home and cook the turkey.

Serenity Paynton

Mrs. Claus can get ham instead if she can’t find turkey. Then she can cook macaroni, stuffing, green bean casserole, mash potatoes, corn, rolls, and green beans.

Joshua Hunter Elkins

Mrs. Claus is going to have to go to the store and buy a turkey. She will buy and thaw it out for a few days. Then she is going to cook it for a few hours and then prepare it. She will cook other stuff with it. Then she will cook else and once that is done she will put everything on the table and wait for Mr. Claus to come home. Once he is home she will let him eat and she will eat too. Then you’re done. And that is how you get a turkey if you can’t find one.

Autumn Tucker

She goes to the store and buy a turkey. She goes to her home and cooks. She cooks turkey, rolls, casseroles, and desserts. While it cooks, she sets the table. After it is done her and Mr. Claus eat.

Hannah Bazzell

Mrs. Claus can have ham for Thanksgiving dinner. She has an elf cut the ham. Then Snta will check on the elves and see how they did. Every elf can go on break to eat Thanksgiving dinner. They will have pumpkin pie for dessert.


Mrs. Clause went hunting and didn’t kill a turkey so she went to the store. She had to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving.


She can fly the sleigh to get a turkey or she will fly and shoot a turkey.


Mrs. Claus was out shopping for a turkey, but little did she know that there were two people at the turkeys arguing. She tried to take it but they dodged her. They dropped it and they fell to the floor. Everyone was watching. They all got out there phones and took pictures and videos. Mrs. Claus won and bought the turkey. The end.

Addy Asher Lamb

Mrs. Claus went to the local supermarket and bought a turkey. She then went home and defrosted it for 2 days. She put it in the oven for 6 hours and then cut it. Then they dug in the turkey!

Noah Daniel

Mrs. Clause goes to the supermarket to get a turkey. When she gets home with the turkey she will put it in her refrigerator for 2 days to defrost it. After the 2 days she will put the turkey in the oven to cook it for Sunday dinner for Mr. Claus.

Natalie Cleland

She could either go hunting for a turkey herself or she could go to a local grocery store and buy a frozen turkey and reheat it for the next 2 days if she can.

Kyleigh Scott

Mrs. Clause is on her way to the food market all of the way across the world to get a turkey to cook. Once she gets back she will let it thaw out. Then she cooked it with green beans, mac and cheese, corn bread, and a cake. The elves were so happy and they said thank you and they got her a gift.

Becca Matte

Mrs. Claus is going to sneak Santa’s sleigh and go to the supermarket. When she gets there a person steals her purse and runs away. She calls the cops. The cops ask Mrs. Claus some questions. She says, “ The car was black, and they dropped this wallet.” They take it back to the police station and find a fingerprint and it is there best friend Bob. They know where he lives. They go to his house and ask him nicely to hand the purse over so he gives the purse back. Mrs. Claus then goes to the supermarket to get a turkey and then defrosts it. When she gets home and waits until the next day and cooks it. They have Thanksgiving. It was a jolly day.

Xander Cordell

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