Boar show winners

Award winners at the Antique and Classic Boat Show were, from left:

Front –  Alan Alred.

Back – Bud Ongman, Jill Dyas, Ed Stone and Marcia Elkins, Nancy Wilson, Anne Leasenby and Dianna Ratliff.

These were the award winners at last weekend’s Antique and Classic Boat Show at the Lake Guntersville Yacht Club:

Bud Ongman, Blairsville, Georgia, Historian’s Award, 1966 Old Towne Sailing Canoe.

Jill Dyas, Dunwoody, Georgia, People’s Choice Award, 1906 Ray Laker Launch, “Sora.”

Ed Stone and Marcia Elkins, Huntsville, Golden Classic Award, 1971 58’ Chris Craft Roamer, “Grand Slam”

Nancy Wilson, Guntersville, Silver Classic Award, 1961 Century Raven, “Ravena.”

Anne Leasenby, Owensboro, Kentucky, Chairman’s Award, 1949 20’ Greavette, “Eau! Canada.”

Dianna Ratliff, Guntersville, Best in Show, 1931 Dee Wite, “Au Revoir.”

Alan Alred, Guntersville, Best Chris Craft in Show, 1954 Chris Craft Sportsman, “Fussy Gus.”

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