Angela Otts

I’ve met a couple of new friends….Jolene and Donna. It seems like I have known these gals for a long time. We think so much alike. There wasn’t any “break-in” time…we were in the same mind-set almost immediately.

I think sometimes these friends are meant to come to us. We find that their interests and just the way they communicate is a match to ours. There’s a great comfort zone, and we are accepted without any conditions.

We say what we want and can strike a cord of ”I’ve done the very same thing.” “I’ve always thought that way.” “I was just going to say that.” “Me, too.”

That’s a great way to find new friends. There are so many acquaintances in our lives that come and go. But friends are harder to find.

Some come for a reason; some come for a season; some come for a lifetime. They bring a comfort that is needed at the time. They encourage. They listen. Remember, God speaks to us through other people.

Two of my long-time childhood friends have passed away in recent years. It didn’t matter how long we might have been separated, we resumed on the same level with each other when we were together. The kinship was still there, even with wrinkles and gray hair.

I’m glad to have new friends. There’s new experiences in our time together. We learn from each other, no matter what our ages are. I’m the oldster in this new group of friends, but of course, I think younger than I am. There’s a spark in every friendship. It kindles memories, new ideas and a sense of belonging. We all need that.

I say get out and meet new friends. It will put some spice into your life. Help them become friends with your friends. The circle will expand and think of all the wonderful things that you can do together.

Wow, it makes life fun!

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