Boat Strikes Causeway

This bass boat hit the causeway and nearly came into the highway on Highway 431-N at Claysville shortly after midnight Sunday morning. The boat has a blue hue from the first responders' emergency lights. 

A bass boat operator apparently got turned around and he hit one of the Highway 431 causeways north of Guntersville with a good head of steam. It happened shortly after midnight Sunday. 

The boat nearly came into the highway. It was atop the rocks and guardrail. It happened north of RSVP, not far from Alred Marina.

No one was in the boat or around it when first responders were dispatched to the scene. They found a wallet and some drink cans in the boat.

The Guntersville Fire Department put Marine 2, their smaller rescue boat, in the water and did a good search of the area with their thermal imaging camera to make sure no one was in the water. 

The Guntersville Police also responded and helped secure the scene. ALEA Marine Patrol was called in to work the accident. 

The Guntersville Rescue Squad responded as well. 

"Someone thought the boat might have come off a trailer at first," said Guntersville Police Lt. Josh Case. "But it looked almost like he'd tried to jump the causeway."

It hit hard enough to dent the guardrail. 

Whitaker Towing, which has made at least a half-dozen water related recoveries this spring and summer, recovered the boat, which had substantial damage. 

ALEA continues to investigate the accident, according to Sgt. Chad Pate, Northern District Commander of their marine operations. 

"There's not much information," Sgt. Pate said Monday. "The accident was reported to us at approximately 2:15 a.m. on Sunday, July 26. When units arrived, they located a bass boat style vessel sitting on top of the guard rail on US 431 in Guntersville. No one was aboard. A passerby did report that a male was seen leaving the scene. The investigation is still underway."

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