City Harbor

The old grain silos at the City Harbor will likely become a brew pub under Patrick Lawler's development plan. This is an artist's rendering of what it could look like. 

The City Council enlarged the footprint of Patrick Lawler’s development of the City Harbor awhile back to include the old grain silos there. Lawler said this week those silos will likely end up holding a brew pub, possibly with a stage for outdoor entertainment.

He’s in negotiations with some breweries now to locate there. He’s also lining up tenants for the other parts of the development and he said leasing is going very well although he is not at liberty to release any names just yet.

Brew pubs are destination type attractions even if they’re not on the water. Lawler thinks having one on the lake is going to be huge.

The blueprints and engineering for the development are being done now. Then permitting will take place after that, Lawler said. If all goes according to plan, construction could start in August or September.

“We’re probably ahead of schedule according to the timeline in our original agreement,” Lawler said.

The original agreement gave him 3 years to begin construction and it would be just a little over a year if he starts construction in August or September.

The development will include a boardwalk along the waterfront and a mixed use development with stores and restaurants on one level and 20 condominiums above them. The condos will be rented through AirBnB or a similar travel website, Lawler said.

Lawler feels the development is going to be good for Guntersville as a whole. He thinks it will be an attraction that will draw people from other places, with the potential for those visitors to give the rest of Northtown a boost as well.

“The market for Guntersville is much, much bigger than a lot of people believe it is,” Lawler said.

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