Male Cheerleader

Brindlee Mountain has a male cheerleader this year. He is Jay Joseph, shown here with friends Gracie Kelley, left, and Cati Grace Sanderson.  

Jorgenson “Jay” Joseph thought about going out for cheerleader at some point during his sophomore year at Brindlee Mountain High School. He was friends with several of the girls who were cheerleading, and they encouraged him to try out.

But he admits he was “too shy” at the time to give it a try.

He became more interested before and during his junior year, but the idea of becoming the only male cheerleader at the school was still quite daunting.

However, with his high school days dwindling, his cheerleader friends – and cheerleader coach Brandy Mosley – finally convinced him to take the plunge before his senior year.

Joseph said he did it because he enjoys spending time with the other cheerleaders, most of whom – especially the seniors – are among his best friends.

But Mosley thinks it was something she told him not long ago that sealed the deal.

“There are college scholarships out there for male cheerleaders, namely UAB,” she said.

Most college cheerleading squads have male members, who are instrumental in doing lifts. Co-ed high school squads used to be the norm, but not anymore, at least in this area.

But that could be changing. At Brewer, two guys are on the varsity cheerleading squad, senior Kamren Rheaume and junior Michael Jordan.

Interestingly, like Joseph, this is the first year Rheaume and Jordan have tried out for the squad.

Joseph admits to worrying about what others might think, and that likely caused him to delay his entry into cheerleading. Now that he has done it, he has advice for his younger schoolmates.

“Do whatever makes you happy, no matter what others might think,” he said. “Be yourself.”

Joseph said he’s thought about what Mosley told him about college opportunities, “but I don’t really know.” He likely would have to develop more skills to make the jump to the next level.

“I can’t do flips, unfortunately,” he said. “But I can lift them up.”

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