Lucky Buck Jewelry

Wendy Griffin has left her work as a hair stylist and gone to work in her husband Bubba's business, Lucky Buck Jewelry. 

After 35 years of styling hair, Wendy Griffin, Guntersville’s 2017 Citizen of the Year, has embarked on a new adventure.

She closed her hair salon, Pearls and Curls, and has gone to work in her husband Bubba Griffin’s business, Lucky Buck Jewelry.

“I’m his first employee,” she said.

The Griffins have 3 children, Ian, Atlee and Brody. A story about Ian’s ambitions to become an actor ran in the paper last week.

Bubba started making jewelry in 2006. He’s been full-time with the business since 2009.

“Bubba is pretty artistic,” Wendy said.

They were at a friend's who had some beads and other jewelry parts on a table. Bubba picked some up, started playing around with it and came up with a piece of jewelry everyone liked.

“Lucky Buck Jewelry was born,” Wendy said.

Their son Brody, who is special needs and now lives in a group home, needed extra care at home. Going into the jewelry business offered Bubba the opportunity to work, but stay home with Brody and the other kids.

The jewelry is sold in multiple retail locations today, including several hospitals. The Griffins also attend lots of festivals and events where they sell jewelry.

One of Wendy’s duties will be managing the retail accounts.

Wendy is excited about this new chapter in her life, although she will miss her friendships with her longtime customers.

She plans to continue to be involved in 2 local causes she is passionate about.

She began the Wildcat Pantry, a room at Guntersville High School where students who need clothes, school supplies, hygiene supplies and other items can get them.

Wendy is also very involved, along with Amber Wilson, in the local Blessings in a Backpack organization. It’s the volunteer group that packs food every Thursday night during the school year to give to students who might not otherwise have food on the weekends.

Good things are happening with both programs this year, Griffin said. The Wildcat Pantry model has caught on with lots of other schools and there are now similar programs in other places.

One need of students no one really anticipated was bottled water. People who have access to it take it for granted. The Wildcat Pantry provided bottled water to kids who needed it last year. This year, they hope to provide reusable water bottles to students instead.

Blessings in a Backpack has only served elementary students in the past. This year, Wendy said, they plan to serve all 4 schools in the Schools of Guntersville.

It’s fitting, she said, since some of the first students served by the organization as elementary students are now in high school.

So while Wendy has a new career, friends in her charitable work will still see her often.

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