Car Tag

The County Commission failed to pass a proposed car tag fee Wednesday. The fee had been proposed as a way to fund school resource officers in each of the county schools. 

The proposed car tag fee was not passed at Wednesday's County Commission meeting.

After County Attorney Clint Maze read the proposal for the tag fee, he stated that the Commission would have to fill in the blanks.

District 4 Commissioner Joey Baker made a motion that they approve the car tag fee at $10, contingent that the legislative office pays $30,000; the County School Board pays $50,000; and the County Commission pays $100,000. District 3 Commissioner David Kelley seconded the motion.

After the motion was made, there was a discussion. District 1 Commissioner Ronny Shumate was under the impression that there was only a two-car limit per household. He said that what he remembered was limiting it to two per household.

The motion made the last meeting was to exempt only those who are 65 years or older and those who draw 100 percent of their income from Social Security disability.

Shumate said that he just could not remember that.

Maze said that there was a lot of talk about limiting it to two per household and two per business. He mentioned that Probate Judge Andrea LeCroy discussed the issues for the tag office. They would have to define households and it would be harder to write the programs for the exemptions they would like to use.

In Albertville, they charge $25 per vehicle and only limit it to one vehicle for those who are 65-years-old or older. Maze said that this is when the motion was made.

Shumate asked the Commission if they were okay with the fee being charged to Marshall County residents outside of the city limits for multiple cars.

April Johnson of the Probate Office said that they have discussed the exemptions multiple times with their vendors and logistically it would be impossible unless there was a way to define a resident and make everyone show proof of residency.

After the discussion, Chairman James Hutcheson asked for a roll call vote. He started with District 1. Ronny Shumate abstained from the vote. He said that he is definitely for school resource officers, but he could not vote after telling all of his people that it was only for two car tags.

District 2 Commissioner Rick Watson also abstained. He said that he wanted to make sure that the Commission had it right. He did not feel comfortable in voting for it because there were still a lot of unanswered questions.

Kelley said that he seconded the motion, but he wants the entire Commission to be on the same agenda.

Shumate asked to speak after Kelley spoke. He said that he wanted the public to know that the vehicle tax would be on each vehicle and not just a limit of two. He did not want people to think it was for just two vehicles like he once thought, but instead will be on each car.

Baker withdrew his request to set the motion of car tag fees in place. He said he believes that there needs to be more discussion.

“The motion failed,” Hutcheson said. “Do I have another motion?”

There was no other motion.

“This item did not pass our agenda today,” he said. “We will just kick it down the road and maybe discuss it later.”

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