(Students in Alex Sanders’ gifted class at Guntersville Elementary interviewed various staff members. These are some of their stories.)

The Officer

By Brayden Jumper

Officer Ken Bubbett’s role at Cherokee is to ensure the safety of the students. I also learned that he has been at Cherokee for 4 years!

He was a police officer for the nice town of Guntersville before he became the school resource officer. His love of kids inspired him to have this job. Officer Bubbet’s favorite thing about his job is interacting with kids. He also had to go to Jacksonville Police Academy to be a certified police officer. Guess what? He had to have

120 hours of police training! The whole process took him 7 to 8 months. We are so happy to have Officer Bubbett here at CES!

2nd Year of Teaching

By Addison Hammond

Mrs. Virginia Hagood is a 4th grade reading & history teacher and this is her 2nd year teaching at Cherokee Elementary School. Mrs. Hagood worked as an intern at a church before joining all the students in 4th grade at CES.

She was inspired to do this job by shadowing another teacher and wanted to be a teacher ever since. Her favorite thing about her job is having relationships with her students and teaching kids. Mrs. Hagood had to do a double major, and complete Edtpa to get her job that she has now. Mrs Hagood had to attend 4 years of college to become a teacher. Mrs Hagood is an amazing teacher.

A Teacher’s Life

By Ellie Gannon

Virgina Hagood is a very nice 4th grade teacher from Cherokee Elementary--That’s why I decided to interview her. She works with Ms.

Reese who just happens to be her best friend! Mrs. Hagood is the reading/ history teacher and she loves her job.

OK, lets get to the juicy stuff! She has been here at CES for 2 years.

This is her first job, but she used to shadow another teacher who inspired her. Her favorite thing about teaching is bonding with her students. She was a double major in college, she received her teaching degree but it also certified in Special Ed, and took a big test called ED TPA. That training took 4 whole years! She loves everything in her job. She hopes to have an awesome school year with her new class!

Six Things

About Mrs. Davis

By Julie Beth Davis

Have you ever met Mrs.Davis? She is such a sweet and kind lady. Her role at Cherokee is a math and science teacher, although she used to be a special ed. aide. Mrs. Davis has been teaching at CES for 13 years; 9 as a special ed aide and 4 being a fulltime teacher.

Before Mrs. Davis came to CES, she got a fashion merchandising degree from UNA and she was an intern at Kirklands. Being able to help struggling students learn new things is what inspired her to become a teacher.

To be able to be a teacher at CES she had to go to college for 4 years and 2 years for her masters degree so in total she had to do educational training for 6 years. Mrs. Davis is a great teacher and I hope she keeps teaching for as long as she can.

About Mrs. Davis

By Callen Barker

Mrs. Davis is a teacher at Cherokee elementary and she was nice enough to answer some questions.

What is your role at CES? She is a 5th grade math and science teacher.

Where did you work before coming to Cherokee? She was an intern at Kirklands. What inspired you to do this job? She loves to help struggling kids learn new things.

What type of education/ training was required for your job? She needed

4 years of college to be a teacher and 2 years for a masters degree.

How many years did your education/training take? It took a total of 6 years of college.

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