Col. Kenny Cobb

During his lifetime, Col. Kenny Cobb (right) was a larger-than-life figure at the Guntersville Airport, serving as the airport's unofficial ambassador. Several years after his passing, the City Council must wrestle with who will get the Colonel's hangar at the airport. Kenny is shown here in a 2015 file photo with Russian pilot Sergey Ananov, who stopped at the airport during his quest to circumnavigate the globe in a small helicopter. 

The late Col. Kenny Cobb’s hangar at the Guntersville Municipal Airport was a pretty special place. He kept two planes inside, including his beloved Sea Rey, but he also had furniture there and even his pet cat Goofy. Among other things, he used it to entertain many guests, including his country music cousin Mel Tillis, intermittently regaling them with recollections of his military days and fuming about contemporary politics. He spent much of his time at the hangar, enjoying the ambiance of the aviation environment and the beauty of nearby Lake Guntersville.

It’s the last hangar before you get to the lake, and the proximity fostered something of a bad habit in Col. Cobb. Fond of wildlife, he habitually fed the geese. As readers can imagine, geese and airports do not mix. But his mischievous nature was part of his charm. Col. Cobb was one of those larger-than-life characters, and Guntersville is poorer for his absence.

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