New Principal

Chris Andrews (center) is the new principal at Guntersville High School. Shown from left are Jessica Williams, the chief academic officer and one of Andrews' former students, Beverly Andrews, Chris Andrews and Supt. Jason Barnett. 

Chris Andrews – a former teacher, coach and administrator at Collinsville and Geraldine – is coming out of retirement to become the new principal at Guntersville High School.

He has been the president of the DeKalb County School Board for the last year and planned to resign that elected position to have more time to serve as the GHS principal.

The Guntersville City School Board met in a special session Thursday evening with the main business being to approve Andrews’ hiring. He was there with his wife Beverly.

It will be a reunion for Andrews and Guntersville Supt. Dr. Jason Barnett, who worked together in DeKalb County. Andrews also has known Guntersville chief academic officer Jennifer Williams for quite some time. She played softball on his team in 1998.

Andrews actually retired in 2015 and went into full-time ministry. He had served previously as a bi-vocational pastor. He resigned his pastorate at Liberty Church in the Painter community last fall, feeling then that God had a new challenge in store for him. It turns out that challenge will be leading Guntersville High School as a construction project starts to build a new school around the existing high school.

Dr. Barnett spoke highly of Andrews.

“I know that he will do the right thing every time,” he said. “I am excited for him to get started.”

Andrews said he’s looking forward to building new relationships with the faculty, staff and students at Guntersville.

“I am going to hug Darren James’ neck because I know his experience is going to be invaluable,” he said of Guntersville’s assistant principal who has been serving as interim principal at the school. “I am going to need the help.”

“He’s going to hug yours too,” School Board member Jim Beard said. “He has been a one-man show these last several months and he needs the help too.”

Andrews’ certifications expired in 2018, but he took the “practicals” online to get them reinstated.

He and his wife have been married more than 34 years, Andrews said.

“I would not be doing this if she were not on board with it,” he said.

His new role will fulfill a goal he always wanted during his education career. While he’d served as an assistant principal, he never served as a principal.

“I was close a few times, but it never happened,” he said. “It’s something I always wanted to do.”

He has 25 years and 3 months of education experience. His Geraldine softball team won the state championship in 1999.

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