The Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn wasn’t the only SEC rivalry week game with a dramatic finish.

Guntersville’s Kate White is a 4th generation Mississippi State graduate. She and her family were at the Egg Bowl – the annual season-ending game between Ole Miss and Mississippi State – on Thanksgiving afternoon. Its ending is one that will be talked about for ages.

With 4 seconds left in the game, Ole Miss wide receiver Elijah Moore caught a 2-yard touchdown pass to bring Ole Miss within a point of Mississippi State 21-20.

Moore proceeded to get down all on 4’s, hike his leg and pretend to urinate like a dog.

“He did it right in front of the Dog Pound, the student section,” Kate said.

He was, rightly, flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. The 15-yard penalty was assessed on the extra point rather than the kickoff, pushing the extra point attempt to a field goal-like 35 yards. The kick sailed wide right. Ole Miss lost the game while Mississippi State gained its 6th win and bowl eligibility.

“Ole Miss had gone 82 yards in 12 plays – including a wild 57-yard pass on fourth and 24 – on the drive to set up the touchdown,” CBS Sports said. “It seemed as though all the momentum was with the Rebels to the point where going for two and the win wouldn’t have been out of the question. Until Moore pissed it away, that is.”

Kate was tickled that she was there to see history in the making. Normally, she would have been home on Thanksgiving.

“My daughter Langley is interested in going to Mississippi State, so we’ve been trying to go to a few more games,” she said.

Her husband Stewart White, who is chairman of the City Planning Board, is a Southern Miss grad but he was there, albeit without wearing any Mississippi State maroon. So was son Sam, who is currently an Auburn fan.

Kate has a bachelor’s in engineering from Mississippi State and a master’s in engineering from Vanderbilt. Her great-grandfather, grandfather and father John Langley all attended Mississippi State. John was the lead research and development scientist at Guntersville’s Kappler for years. Kate teaches engineering at Guntersville High School.

“Sam likes Auburn,” Kate said of her son. “But I think Mississippi State may be growing on him after he saw this game.”

She said she was “excited and nervous” at the same time as the game’s finish played out. Mississippi State is famous as the loudest stadium in the SEC with its fans ringing those blasted cowbells.

“It’s music if you’re a Mississippi State fan,” Kate said. “But I can see where it would be annoying if you weren’t.”

The cowbells were so loud Thursday that she and her family put in ear plugs at times to protect their hearing.

“We had our cowbells and we were ringing them too,” she said.

She said Langley loved it.

A few days later, before the weekend was over, Ole Miss fired coach Matt Luke. It wasn't just the dog incident that led to his dismissal. He'd gone 15-21 over the last 3 seasons. The Rebels were 4-8 this year, 2-6 in SEC play.

Georges There Too

Guntersville dentist Dr. Aaron George, his wife Mollie and their twins Avery and Garrett. 

Dr. George is a lifelong Mississippi State fan and holds season tickets for the Bulldogs home games. They don't get to attend as many games as they once did since Avery and Garrett are involved in sports themselves. But they still get to about 4 games a year. 

Dr. George's sister and brother-in-law Taylor and Cody Reed were there as well. 

Mississippi State went up 14-0, but Ole Miss soon tied it 14-14. 

"There were a lot of flags in that last drive," Dr. George said. He said they could see Moore getting down on all 4's but didn't see the details from where they were sitting. 

He said the whole crowd was shouting wanting the penalty assessed on the extra point rather than the kickoff. 

"The kicker missed it wide right," Dr. George said. "They people in the endzone erupted first and the rest of the crowd followed."

Unlike Kate White, Dr. George never uses ear plugs to lessen the cowbells. They were sweet music to his ears for this game. 

"This is not the first time someone from Ole Miss had acted like a dog urinating," Dr. George said. "Ole Miss beat us pretty badly 2 years ago and a player did it then. That play was kind of celebrated. I don't think this one will be."

He's waiting to see what bowl and where it before he decides whether he'll attend State's bowl game. 

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