Judge Tim Riley dismissed Joel Kennamer's lawsuit last Friday. On Wednesday, crews working for Patrick Lawler began construction on the silo part of his harbor development project. 

The initial work included tearing out some old concrete and taking down a metal building built onto the silos. The silos themselves will continue to stand and will be part of the finished project. 

"We're not stopping on this part until we're finished," Lawler said. 

He said construction will likely take 7 to 10 months, putting the opening of that part of the development at spring or summer of next year. 

Like city officials, Lawler is not happy with the court case and the delays it caused the project. 

"We lost tenants because of the lawsuit," he said. "We had a hotel contract that was lost because of it."

Lawler owns the former Alabama Farmers Co-op property just south of the harbor property and hopes to locate a hotel there. 

"We lost one, but we will find another one," he said. 

The silo part of the harbor project will be the first piece to be developed. He awaits final approval from TVA on the plans for the long spit of land where the bulk of the harbor project will be built. That is a mixed-use development that will include a boardwalk and retail shops on the first level and condominiums on an upper level. 

The silo part of the project will have a large "City Harbor" sign atop the silos. 

"It's going to look really nice coming in over the big river bridge," Lawler said. 

The development going into that space has been characterized previously as a "brew pub" but Lawler declined to say much about it this week. He said he could not yet disclose exactly what will be occupying that space. 

"We added an additional 1,400 square feet at the client's request," Lawler said. "It will total about 6,000 square feet."

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