Robin Scott, former medical provider for the Marshall County Jail and owner of the now closed Outside the Box Healthcare in Albertville, was arrested on contempt of court charges last week.

Scott was booked into the Marshall County Jail after Judge Tim Riley issued an arrest warrant for her due to her failing to appear on multiple summons to appear in his court on civil charges.

Assistant Chief Deputy Steve Guthrie said Scott's arrest had nothing to do with her sudden departure as the jail’s medical provider last month.

“She continued to ignore the judge and multiple orders to appear in court,” Guthrie said.

Scott quit her position with the jail Aug. 20 due to an ongoing disagreement with Sheriff Phil Sims over COVID safety policies. She had requested additional medical personnel and a dedicated triage clinic at the jail and raised concerns over testing procedures. She pointed to the death of a Blount County inmate who was being held in the Marshall County jail as a catalyst for her actions.

Jeffery Harris, 43, died in early August. He had been transferred to Marshall Medical Center South earlier in the month from the Marshall County Jail after getting sick.

Scott was booked into the jail at 3:45 p.m. Wednesday under a $2,468 bond.

A short time later, she was transferred to the Morgan County Jail.

Guthrie said the move was made at the request of Southern Health Partners, the jail’s medical provider due to Scott having potentially provided medical care to inmates recently.

“She will be treated as any other inmate would be,” Guthrie said. “This has nothing to do with the sheriff’s office. It all comes back to her actions associated with her practice.”

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