Boat ramps

Three boat ramps, including Beech Creek, will not be maintained by the county any longer. Commissioners Ronny Shumate and Rick Watson decided against renewing the county's contract with the Alabama Department of Conservation.

Marshall County Commissioners Ronny Shumate, District 1, and Rick Watson, District 2, both decided against renewing an agreement with the Alabama Department of Conservation over maintaining boat ramps on Guntersville Lake. 

The agreement, which had been in place for 20 years, is between the ADCNR and Marshall County and states that commissioners in District 1 and 2 are responsible for maintaining three public boat ramps on Lake Guntersville.

The three boat ramps under the agreement are at Beech Creek off of Warrenton Road, the Honeycomb boat ramp off Highway 431 and the ramp opposite Mile 370 off of Highway 79.

Shumate and Watson both agreed during a Commission meeting earlier this month that they did not want to enter into an agreement with ADCNR for another 20 years.

“I’ve got 200 miles worth of roads to maintain in my district and we just don’t have time to deal with the upkeep that’s needed at the boat ramps,” Watson said. “We have to worry with the garbage and we have to fix anything that might break on the piers. It’s just best for us to not have that worry anymore.”

Shumate echoed the same sentiments as his fellow commissioner when it comes to the boat ramps.

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