A rumor has been going around Grant – and some other communities near the edges of other counties – that some residents buy their car tags in the neighboring counties.

It just makes sense that it could be happening near Grant, where some folks have Scottsboro addresses.

Probate Judge Andrea LeCroy said she’s heard the talk too and said it does not appear to be true. If some people with Scottsboro addresses are buying tags in Jackson County, she said, it’s very few of them.

“The law says you have to buy your tag in the county in which you reside,” LeCroy said. She said the Marshall County Probate Office requires proof of residency when someone is buying a car tag for the first time. They called some of the neighboring counties and, by and large, the same rule applies there.

“The folks in Huntsville said they’re dealing with the opposite issue,” LeCroy said. “There taxes are so much higher than the neighboring counties that they’re more worried about their residents trying to sneak out of the county to buy tags than they are someone trying to sneak in.”

The talk of people buying tags in other counties is an offshoot of the County Commission’s ongoing debate about imposing a car tag fee on rural Marshall County residents to support school resource officers in the county schools.

“A commissioner had some concerns,” LeCroy said. “We went through a list we were given and most all of the people on the list were buying in Marshall County.”

She said the only exception to someone buying a tag in a county different from their home county comes up if they have a second home.

“If you have a second home, you are allowed one tag in the county where your second home is located,” LeCroy said. “If someone from Jefferson or Madison County had a home on the lake here, they could buy one tag.”

Proof of residency accepted by the probate office includes:

  • Driver’s license
  • Lease or rental agreement
  • Deed
  • Utility bill
  • Current pay stub
  • Bank statement
  • Current letter of Social Security benefits
  • Current year tax return
  • Voter ID

Only one of the proofs of residency is required to buy a tag.

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