Claysville School

Claysville School celebrated 90 years of existence on April 27. The last remaining grades in the school were transferred to DAR last week. It will now only house 5 pre-K classes and the Alternative School.

They’re not calling it a school closing, but regular classes will no longer meet in Claysville School, which celebrated its 90th anniversary earlier this year.

The County School Board met in a special session Wednesday afternoon and voted to move grades K-4 from Claysville to DAR. County school superintendent Cindy Wigley said Claysville will now be home to 5 pre-K classes and the county school system’s alternative school.

The student population at Claysville School had been dwindling for years. The school once went through 9th grade. The middle school grades were moved to DAR years ago and only the elementary grades remained.

There was only one classroom per grade the last few years. One classroom only had 7 or 8 students this past school year.

Last month, Claysville principal Tenna Anderton was transferred to DAR Elementary to take the place of retiring principal Keith Buchanan. That was the first step in moving the Claysville grades.

Wigley said they’ve been looking for ways to trim costs around the county school district and moving the Claysville grades was part of that effort.

Wigley issued this statement concerning the grades being moved from Claysville School:

"At Claysville, due to continued falling enrollment, the decision has been made to move grades K-4 to DAR Elementary. Student enrollment does not provide enough state earned teacher units and our budget does not allow for locally funded units.

"In an effort to ease the transition for our Claysville students and families, an open house and tour of DAR Elementary is scheduled specifically for them on July 30.

"In addition, the Claysville principal, Dr. Anderton, and teachers from Claysville will join the staff at DAR Elementary. Each family and staff member received a personal phone call last week and overall, everyone has been very supportive and excited about the transition.

"We are excited about building our preschool programs at Claysville. We will be adding one this year, making a total of five on the campus. A-school, and the Home Visitation program will also remain on the campus.

"Our focus will be to continue providing the best educational opportunities for our students."

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