Dr. Stephanie Wisener, the federal programs supervisor for the county schools, spoke about a big announcement for preschool. There were 164 preschool grants awarded for the State of Alabama. Currently, Marshall County has 11 preschool classes that are a part of the Office of School Readiness (ORS) program. They applied for 3 more and at 1:30 last Thursday, it was announced that they received all 3 grants that they applied for.

Wisener said that they have enough students in Asbury to fill up two more classrooms and she was very excited to announce that they would be able to do that. Brindlee Mountain has enough to do at least one and a half classrooms. The parents of these children should have received information on the classes early this week.

The third grant that was written was a collaborative special needs preschool. One of these programs is at Brindlee and the other is at Douglas. The schools agree that the special needs children deserve to go to preschool as well. With a partnership between Wisener and special education coordinator Annie Spike, they wrote the third grant which will be based out of Claysville and will serve several special needs students in Marshall County.

With these grants, it will bring the schools to a total of 14 preschools. The majority of the funding such as the teacher’s salaries are funded through the OSR grant. Gov. Kay Ivey also stated that she would include the 4 percent pay raise in with the grant.

Holding Pattern

Laura Bishop, the system’s chief financial officer, said that the Marshall County School system is in a holding pattern for state and federal funds. They received word that the budget is in the office for the governor to sign, but she

(Continued on page 8) has not signed it yet. She should sign the paper soon.

There will be some changes that will have to be made to the allocations based on what is on the governor’s desk. She does not understand what is holding the signing of the budget from the governor is, but she suspects that it should be soon.

As of right now they still do not have any news on their 2020 budget, but they do expect something soon.

Wigley Misses

The County School Board met on Thursday, June 6. At the meeting, Dr. Cindy Wigley was not available because of a medical emergency. Chad, her husband, had to have emergency knee surgery because he tore his patella tendon. Dr. Annie Spike, the special education supervisor, facilitated the meeting as Wigley’s designated person.

The agenda was approved unanimously, but they tabled the approval of the minutes until the next Board meeting.

Janna Bonds, the professional development supervisor, discussed proposed handbook changes and she said that these will be under review by the Board members for the next 30 days. They will discuss the changes with Bonds if they have any questions.

The second part that Bonds discussed was the Jamari Terrell Williams Student Bullying Prevention Act. This will replace their current student harassment act.

“We worked real hard on both of these this past year,” Bonds said.

A group of educators came in to do a study on a book called “Words Wound” which helped them to develop the new policies. She stressed that this was not taken lightly and made sure the board knew that if they had any questions all they had to do was ask her.

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