A reported domestic assault case ended in a multi-city vehicle chase March 26.

Boaz Police Chief Josh Gaskin said Boaz Police officers responded to a call of a domestic assault involving a firearm at about 8:45 p.m. March 26. As officers arrived at the area of the call, they saw a vehicle leaving the area, running stop signs and accelerating to a high speed.

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle for traffic violations and to ensure it wasn’t related to the domestic violence call.

When officer activated their emergency lights, the vehicle’s driver fled officers, Gaskin said. Officers pursued the vehicle from Boaz into Douglas and then into the Albertville city limits.

During the pursuit, officers tried to get in front of the suspect to end the pursuit. Multiple attempts by officers as the suspect would abruptly steer his car toward the patrol vehicle.

Officers were eventually able to get one patrol unit in front of the suspect’s vehicle but the vehicle went into the opposite traffic lane as officers tried to slow the vehicle by reducing their speed.

The suspect was back in front of officers, Gaskin said, and continued to flee at a high rate of speed.

“The suspect eventually lost control of his vehicle when he failed to negotiate a curve,” Gaskin said. “He tried to enter back onto the roadway but was blocked by pursuing officers.”

The suspect continued to be non-compliant and a Taser was deployed. The suspect was then taken into custody without further incident.

The suspect was identified as Todd Ashley Roseborough, 28, of Boaz.

“Roseborough told officers he ran because he had ‘half a pound of weed’ in the car,” Gaskin said. “He also had outstanding warrants for his arrest.”

Gaskin said Roseborough was not involved in the original domestic violence call.

He was taken to the Boaz City Jail where he was charged with attempting to elude police officers, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, first-degree possession of marijuana, first-degree criminal mischief, and assault of a police officer.

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