The Guntersville High cross country team traveled to Montevallo for a night meet under the lights last week. It was a good evening for the Wildcats:

  • Both Guntersville’s varsity boys and girls finished 3rd in the Purple division of the meet, running without their team leaders.
  • Most runners improved their times by a minute to a minute and a half from their first meet of the season a Pisgah, which is exactly what Coach Chris Bashaw expected.
  • Sam Moultrie finished as runner-up in the ultra-competitive Gold division.
  • Bradley Herbert finished 15th in the girls’ Gold division.
  • The middle schoolers ran as a team and turned in very strong times.

“It was perfect running conditions, cool with low humidity,” Bashaw said. “I’ve never been to a cross country meet this early in the season with such great conditions.”

Cross country is run on a 3-mile course, usually through the woods and fields. Portable lighting is installed at the University of Montevallo to allow for the night meet, the one time all year when the team will run under the lights. The course was on a well-manicured field that Bashaw likened to running on a golf course fairway.

Guntersville Middle School team leaders included Elliott Storey and Elissey Lagurre.

“They ran the 2 miles right at 14 minutes or a 7 minute mile pace,” Bashaw said. “We were real happy with how they performed.”

There were 4 middle school runners. It takes 5 to make a complete team. Bashaw said they have another runner, he just has to get his paperwork submitted and approved to be able to compete.

In the varsity girls race, Bradley ran in the Gold division and had her top 15 finish.

“Running without Bradley, our girls then finished 3rd in the Purple division behind Hoover and Homewood,” Bashaw said. “Kate Tully was 2nd overall with a time of 21:30. Kendall Moore and Sarah Wright made the Top 15.”

The boys also finished 3rd in the Purple division, running without Sam. Trent Mason led the effort, finishing 4th with a time of 18:33, almost a minute faster than his time in the opening meet at Pisgah. Luke Ausley and Lane Pillote ran 19:49, only 1/10 of a second separating them.

“Luke was sick and that he was able to run at all was something,” Bashaw said. “It sets some high expectations for him as the season progresses.”

He said Guntersville’s runners improved from their first to their second meet.

“Now we should be able to improve each week,” Bashaw said.

Sam’s time in the Gold race was 15:58.

“That was his best time all of last season,” Bashaw said. “So he is ahead of the game from where he was at this time last year. It shows how hard he worked in the spring and how it carried over to the summer.”

The Wildcats are running on the state meet course in Moulton today (Saturday).

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