The students in Darby Allen's class at Brindlee Elementary answered the question:

There are no turkeys at the North Pole. What in the world is Mrs. Claus going to cook for Thanksgiving dinner?

Mrs. Claus can go in to the skies like a turkey and catch the turkey and bring it back in a bag and cook the turkey. Now Mrs. Claus and Santa and the elves can eat now.


She can tell her son to go hunt a turkey for her, or she can go tell her husband to go hunt, or her sister to go hunt, or her sister’s sister, or tell her elves to go hunt for her.


She could go look for one in the woods. She could go to a man, an animal person and they might have it. She could go to the elves and they will give her one. She could go to Wal-mart, Foodland, or the mall. Last, you could go hunting for a turkey.


Mrs. Claus will have to go down to earth and get a turkey for Thanksgiving or else they’ll have to cancel Thanksgiving this year, unless they find a turkey.


Mrs. Claus can tell the elves her problem. Then the elves can use there magic to get a turkey. Mrs. Claus goes back to her house and they eat Thanksgiving dinner. The End.


She will have to go hunting for one. First she will need a shotgun, some bullets, and shoot. Wish it from an elf or go to the forest and look for one. If you hear a gobble noise, follow the sound and it will show up. Last you take it and cook it and if you cook it you can eat it.


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