A total of 12,050 students enrolled during the 2019 fall semester at The University of Alabama were named to the Dean's List with an academic record of 3.5 or above or the President's List with an academic record of 4.0 (all A's).

The UA Dean's and President's lists recognize full-time undergraduate students. The lists do not apply to graduate students or to undergraduate students who take less than a full course load.

The following local students made the list:

Bailee Mm Chandler, of Grant, President's List

Catherine Littleton Robinson, of Grant, Dean's List

Joseph T. Arnold, of Guntersville, AL, 35976 was named to The University of Alabama Presidents List for fall 2019.

Nathan S. Belgard, of Guntersville, Dean's List 

Nathaniel J. Crooks, of Guntersville, Dean's List 

Charles A. Hunter Jr, of Guntersville, Dean's List

Ashley A. Musso, of Guntersville, Dean's List 

Rajan Paul, of Guntersville, Dean's List 

Allison L Ramirez, of Guntersville, Dean's List 

Loren S. Reese, of Guntersville, AL, Dean's List 

Sara Alaine Reese, of Guntersville, AL, Dean's List 

Amanda L. Rogers, of Guntersville, AL, Dean's List 

Elizabeth C. Russell, of Guntersville, President's List 

Charles C. Wright, of Guntersville, Presidents List 

Tiffany A. Zahn, of Guntersville, President's List

Jana Beth Brown, of Guntervsille, Dean's List 

Anna C. Adams, of Albertville, President's List 

Mary J. Adams, of Albertville, Dean's List 

Marissa M. Epperson, of Albertville, President's List 

Macy C. Kirby, of Albertville, Dean's List 

Morgan R. Knowles, of Albertville, Dean's List 

Carlee S. Landers, of Albertville, AL, President's List 

Leeann F. Mathews, of Albertville, President's List 

Trevor James Miller, of Albertville, Dean's List 

Kayleigh M. Powell, of Albertville, President's List 

Madeleine C. Powell, of Albertville, President's List 

Sarah Q. Richey, of Albertville, Dean's List 

Erin M. Davis, of Arab, Dean's List 

Bryan Robert Harding, of Arab, Dean's List 

Noah Daniel Lueker, of Arab, Dean's List 

Tabetha D Marsh, of Arab, President's List 

Ian A. Martin, of Arab, Dean's List 

Bailey C. Maze, of Arab, President's List

Kelsey Reagan Neal, of Arab, Dean's List 

Anna M. Rodgers, of Arab, Dean's List 

Daniel T. Ryan, of Arab, President's List 

Kaylee Jo Schmidt, of Arab, Dean's List 

Taylor Sims, of Arab, President's List 

Zachary B. Stewart, of Arab, President's List 

Lauren N. Whisenant, of Arab, President's List 

Angela Barajas Salcido, of Boaz, President's List 

Cameron Blake Copeland, of Boaz, Dean's List 

Alivia G Gore, of Boaz, Dean's List 

Mary E Harris, of Boaz, Dean's List 

George Tyler Shipman, of Boaz, Dean's List 

Zeb H. Walker, of Boaz, Presidents List 

Christian S. Childress, of Union Grove, Dean's List 

Blake A. Shumate, of Union Grove, Dean's List 

Zan David Allbert, of Woodville, Dean's List 

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