There are no "gimmes" in the 2020 Guntersville municipal election. Every seat has at least 2 candidates. 

In many ways, the 2020 city election is a referendum on what direction the citizens want the city to take going into the future as the election in general pits an incumbent, often a long-time incumbent, vs. a challenger. 

Please remember all Council seats will not be on every ballot, only the Council seat connected to your geographic district. Here's who's running:


Leigh Dollar (incumbent)

Wes Long

Paula Fant Wallace

District 1

Sanchez Watkins (incumbent)

Shenequah DeBerry

District 2

Phil Kelley (incumbent)

Kyle Atkins

Larry Wilson

District 3

John Myers (incumbent)

Denton Gillen

District 4

Carson Ray (incumbent)

Rusty Glines

District 5

Dink Myers (incumbent)

James Maze

District 6

Tom Haynie

Richard Russell

District 7

Randy Whitaker (incumbent)

Claudia Smith

The City Council jobs pay $525 a month plus a $300 a month insurance benefit.

Mayor pays $60,532 a year plus a $300 a month insurance benefit. The officeholder for both Council and Mayor can decide if they prefer their insurance benefit to be life insurance or health insurance.

The deadline to register to vote in the city election is Aug. 10. City clerk Betty Jones is urging all residents of Guntersville to update their voter registration, especially if they’ve moved in the last 4 years. Updating will ensure that they are placed in the right Council district on the voter list.

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