Dumping along Whitesville Road in District 3 continues. 

Dumping problems in District 3 continue and officials are on a mission to see that it stops.

Marshall County District 3 Commissioner Lee Sims said the dumping along Whitesville Road, which connects Highway 168 and Highway 75, is happening consistently.

“I’m tired of it and I know the people in the community are tired of it,” he said. “We need help finding out who’s doing this. I put on gloves and went through the trash looking for a name or address but couldn’t find anything. We had a lady from Waste Management come out and look too. So, I’m not just letting this go. It’s got to stop.”

Sims said he’s considered putting up trail cameras in the woods around the area but said there are some potential issues in doing that.

“I’m sure the dumping is happening overnight,” Sims said. “But if anyone sees it happen, please let someone know. Regardless, we’re going to continue fighting this and see that it stops.”

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