Guntersville and Arab met in the 10 & under Dizzy Dean district baseball tournament last Saturday at Wedgeworth Park in Guntersville.

Guntersville won the contest 11-5 but both teams have advanced far enough that they will both move on to the state tournament in Madison this Saturday.

It was a fun day at the ballpark, sunny but not too humid. There were batted balls, double plays, stolen bases and a lot of pitching strategy you might not expect at this level.

“There’s a pitch limit,” Guntersville coach Scott Smith said. “If a pitcher throws 20 pitches, you can pitch him the next day with no rest. From 21 to 35 pitches, you have to rest him one day. If he throws more than 35, you have to rest him 2 days.”

For a 2-day tournament like the one the teams were in last weekend, a team really needed 8 to 10 pitchers, Smith said. It was a constraint they didn’t have in the regular season, but they had to pitch some youngsters in the regular season just to get them ready for a turn on the mound come district tournament time.

Smith is a high energy coach who never stopped coaching the entire game. When a grounder went by a youngster, he coached him up on stopping those balls right then and there.

“I love him and watching him coach,” said Clint Cook, the opposing Arab coach.

Guntersville was up 11-4 as the clock ticked down on the hour and 45 minute time limit for the game.

“In our eyes, the score is zero to zero,” he told the boys. “Keep your foot on the gas and finish the game.”

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