Mayor Leigh Dollar

Mayor Leigh Dollar

Mayor Leigh Dollar is an ultra competitive person in everything she does.

“I like to win,” she says often.

So she was tickled when she won this year’s Advertiser-Gleam football pick ‘em contest over fellow competitors Joe Cagle, J.D. Cagle, Jacob Stubblefield, Norman Bonds and Morri Yancy.

We are declaring her the “regular season champion.” Some of the pickers wanted to continue even though the regular high school season is over, so we are carrying over the pick ‘em contest through at least the Iron Bowl. We might even do a couple of special editions for college conference championship Saturday and the New Year’s bowl games.

Even though she won mainly on her own, people think Dollar gets a lot of help from her husband Shirl, a former football coach.

“They just naturally think that and people ask me about it,” she said. “But they’re my picks. Shirl often sees my picks for the first time in the newspaper. If I am stumped on a game, my son Cale helps me occasionally.”

She said she did research a few games, but didn’t do that very often.

“Sometimes they were just picks,” she said. “I probably didn’t research them as much as I should have.”

The teams that gave her fits all season, she said, were DAR and Jacksonville State University.

“I’d pick DAR to win and they would lose,” she said. “I would pick them to lose and they’d win. It was the same thing with Jacksonville.”

She and sports nut Joe Cagle entered the final week of the regular season neck and neck. It was a Jacksonville State game that made the difference.

“I have a lot of friends who are Jacksonville grads and I hated to pull against their school, but I had to,” she said.

One of the more exasperating games to her fellow pickers was DAR-Catholic. Dollar picked Catholic.

They won by a point over DAR.

Dollar has been part of the Gleam’s pick em panel for 3 or 4 years.

“I like it,” she said. “It has been fun.”

While Dollar is the regular season champ, we will wipe the board clean for the playoffs to see if another on the panel can win the second part of the season.

Remarkably, all our pickers correctly picked 70 percent of the games or better. These were their records:

Leigh Dollar - 80-20

Joe Cagle - 79-21

Morri Yancy - 77-23

Norman Bonds - 72-28

J.D. Cagle - 71-29

Jacob Stubblefield - 70-30

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