DHS New Football Coach

Jamison Wadley is Douglas High School's new head football coach. He is pictured with his wife Jessica, their 11-year old daughter Cali, and their 7-year old son Walker. 

The Marshall County School Board has hired a new football coach for Douglas High School. Jamison Wadley will be the new head football coach for the 2019-20 school year.

Wadley is excited about becoming the head football coach. Patrick Smith, the principal of Douglas High, said that he came highly recommended and he believes that he will be a great fit at the school.

The board had hired a different coach earlier in the summer. But he ended up not being able to come, leading to the need to make the late hire. 

Wadley is from Attalla. He graduated from Etowah High School in 2007. He played football at Jacksonville Statge and graduated in 2011.

He started his coaching career at Etowah High School at the end of spring 2012. He coached as a defensive coach for two years and then as a defensive coordinator/assistant head coach until this year. 

"I have been looking for a head coaching job for a while," he said. "Through prayer and God's timing, I felt that this was what he wanted me to do. It was His will that I come to Douglas."

He said that he will have to build the program from the ground up. He has coached against Douglas and loved the area. The community and school are what brought him to athe job.

He wants the school to have pride and work on cultural change in the athletic organization. He explained that for the last three years, it has been tough on everyone in the football organization. He expressed that it was not just the coaches and the players, but the parents and community as well. 

He feels bringing that cultural change will be his biggest challenge. The community and team will need to know that it will not happen overnight. It will take time and it will take a whole lot of hard work. 

On Tuesday, Douglas had a meet and greet for the new coach at the Quarterback Club meeting. Wadley's goal at the meeting was to introduce himself and start formulating a plan of action to make the athletic department better.

He said that another goal he has is for athletically gifted students to participate in more than one sport. If the student is a three-sport athlete, then they need to find a balance. They do not need to be punished for participating in multiple sports. 

He wants all of the organizations at Douglas High School to work together for the betterment of the students who play sports. 

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